Justice Antonin Scalia says World War II-style internment camps could happen again

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  1. http://washingtonexaminer.com/justice-antonin-scalia-says-world-war-ii-style-internment-camps-could-happen-again/article/2543424
    Yes and as we all know the US is always at war especially now that we have this war on terror bullshit that is designed to never end. The United States justice system is a disgrace. 


  2. Time to get off the the internet ans vote democrat

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    If the SC did make a decision like this, it probably would of happened right after 9/11, and probably would of targeted Muslims/Muslim-Americans.
  4. Or shortly before or after large amounts of civil unrest (homegrown terrorism).
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    probably start with street gangs, organized crime, then move on to "homegrown terrorists", aka u.s. veterans. anyone experienced with organized violence. either way, you can bet that the majority in these camps would be american citizens.
    Because voting Republican will prevent it?  Is there a point to that babble?
    Now, based on thread OP.....while I think it is highly possible, in fact quite likely, that such an event will happen again where Americans are detained in camps, there is no reason to believe it is imminent and on a side note Anthony Scalia is a fat fucking horses ass.   He is part of the problem with this country, I care little what that asshole has to say.
  7. So is this a new form of conditioning? Is he warning us so we won't act all surprised and get mad when it actually starts to happen?
  8. 'as long as its people I disagree with then I don't care'

    Might be a common mindset
  9. Thats why the Constitution Free Zones were erected!
  10. This has already been in legislation. The infrastructure for this already exists, all they need is a planned crisis, er.. I mean "national emergency", and they will convert designated military bases/infrastructure for this purpose. The federal government already has ads for 'internment officers':
    And the bill which outlines all of this:
    And this field manual is also relevant:
    Especially interesting are pages 69 and 70, 'Detainee Processing Technique', among other topics listed in chapter 4.
    Definitely worth reading if you live in the "land of the free". Might as well know what freedom looks like, right?
  11. Its the only way to keep the masses under check.
  12. No way. That would have been way too fast. They must first spend a decade or so convincing us to fear the boogeyman (sorry, terrorists) and indoctrinating people to accept the rampant violations of their human rights. That way, down the road, when they do decide to open the camps and run roughshod over us with martial law it will be accepted as just the way things are and people will be brainwashed enough to actually believe it is for their own safety.
  13. Not going to lie I have difficulty believing that this could happen. Even in public schools American children are taught that the Japanese internment camps were wrong and a complete violation of basic rights. I have trouble believing that a majority of Americans wouldn't be up in arms over this. Yes we know the average American is uninformed bla bla bla, but there's no way this would fly. Besides, the government today can keep tabs on us without detaining us a lot easier than the government in the 40s could.
  14. We are interned within.
  15. sorry if i wasnt clear. Democrat=repiblican

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    I don't necessarily completely disagree with that, yet you usually aren't very clear.  You almost always just use "democrat" to point your angry finger at.
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    And which people would be thrown in internment camps? Anyone not of European or Israeli * decent? Minus the "troofers"*
    No...anyone that might be deemed American...or hung up on that ass wipe of a piece of shit called the Constitution. They will be the first to go. They only need something to happen......just like they discussed a year before the WTC came down, which gave them the room they needed to come up with the Patriot Act, which paved the way for this shit....now they know they just need something bigger to go all Martial Law on our asses.
     Bayou Corne maybe? Borehole B944 maybe? EMP from a baby nuke fired from an Iranian ship poised off the Eastern seaboard? Who knows, I don't trust them fuckers at all!
  19. Political dissidents. Anyone who does not now and lick the jackboots of the government. Patriots basically, or as they would call "domestic terrorists". The government can do anything they want to you as long as they throw around that terrorist word.
  20. All Japanese were rounded up and thrown in internment camps regardless of their political affiliations or job titles.

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