justcallmesir's "holy bleep im germinating OVER 200 seeds" grow journal!

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    Welcome, Welcome. :wave:

    This is Justcallmesir's "Holy *bleep* im germinating over 200 seeds" grow journal.

    This will be my FIRST official grow journal EVER.

    A little background on me and my grow:

    Im a medical mj patient who has a few years growing experience under my belt so im not a "n00b" but certainly not a pro. I currently have a personal medical grow already in progress (roughly 2 weeks in veg) when i accidentally got my personal bagseed wet (200 beans)...so in my state of panic i decided to use the paper towel method and germ them.

    i made a thread about it which can be found here: http://forum.grasscity.com/indoor-m...ep*-im-germinating-200-seeds-omg-help-me.html

    Today I went out and got some inexpensive soil (kind of used up my budget on the grow i already had underway). I also picked up some party cups and got to work.

    I ripped open the bags (6cu ft of soil) and got to work. I mixed in a few parts Ocean forest, perlite, and "black gold" organic soil. kind of a weird mix but it helped improve the quality of the soil (which wasnt too bad to begin with just a little more clumpy than i prefer).

    i borrowed a 600w hid from my friend today and hooked it up.

    after mixing the soil and setting up the light i began to fill 18oz party cups with soil...200 of them!

    I then began to arrange them closely as possible under the borrowed light. i didnt have enough room to fit all 200...so i put in as many as would fit

    im still waiting for my seeds to pop before anything else can take place.

    i also took some other beans i had saved up and decided to germ them as well....im talking maybe 80 or so more beans...majority of them are "master kush" and the other is a mix of NL and skunk i believe (not 100% sure on that one...i think one other stain is involved but i cant remember)

    Grow Setup:

    200+ bean grow - (My bagseed that was intended for breeding, master kush and another unknown strain NL/skunk/? cross)

    Lighting: 1 600w HID light (conversion that takes mh and hps)
    Soil: Kellogg Garden Soil (OMRI listed) :hello:
    Pot size: 18oz party cups

    My personal medical grow that was already in progress - (Seedsman White Widow, some of the same strain i have 200 beans of, Female seeds bubblegummer, and CH9 Jack 33)

    Lighting: 1 600w HID
    Soil: Black gold, fox farm, mixed with perlite
    pot size: 1 gallon grow bags

    total number of plants for my grow in progress: 14 in 1 gal pots. thinking of transplanting to 3gal pots before flower and killing off the runts.

    That about sums it up for now. Enjoy the pics from today.



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  2. very nice!!
  3. I would grow them all and choose phenotypes to breed. Just my two cents. I doubt you have the lighting to do that indoors so I would take them outside, Or maybe to a SoG with them.

  4. i was planning to grow them all out and select phenos..i just wasnt planning on doing it now...thats why i already have a grow in progress (pictured in 1st post) these seeds here accidentally got wet so i decided to germ them in a panic pretty much.

    so i had to borrow the second hid to support this party cup grow.

    i would normally go with 1 gal pots but since i had so many beans it was the best idea suggested to me from someone here on GC (sorry i dont remember who).

    so i am doing this SOG style.

    growing these beans outside was what i WANTED to do but i can't for various reasons so im stuck doing it this way.

    im sure ill have to kill off several runts & mutants maybe some hermies who knows...its 200 bagseed. granted its all from the same plant

    quick background info on 200 bagseed:
    i found 4 beans in some good sativa i bought 6 or so years ago. yrs later i end up getting my mmj card so i decide to grow them for my 1st grow. i get one female & shes gorgeous for bagseed. Nice tree top shape, etc.

    anyway...apparently (this was my only conclusion as she didnt hermie) a nearby male knocked her up and the end result: these 200 seeds (there were more like 300 total but i gave some away to friends and planted some for experiment in the past).

    i do know that this strain likes to be topped and while it produces big buds (in size) they are pretty fluffy...so def sativa/sativa dom...it grows to about 3-4 ft with 30 day veg/
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    Friday's Update (on the weekends i'll usually update a day later)

    Roughly 95-100 (give or take) of my bagseed sativa sprouted yesterday and was planted in the 18oz cups.

    I anticipate to plant more today (assuming more have sprouted).

    The pics provided in this post are from yesterday.

    1 pic is of all the seeds in their new home. each cup is marked with a "?" and i made a little stake out of toothpicks and post it papers (strictly because its sticky and holds onto the toothpick)...each stake is marked with a "?" too.

    the other pic one of my grow that was already in progress. i have a problem with that grow however. i have 14 plants in 1 gal pots...3-4 of them are runts...all i have is 1 600w for that grow. should i eliminate the runts and keep them in 1 gal pots all the way through or switch to 3 gal pots and eliminate more than 3-4 of them?

    best quality and best yield are the goals...so which do you suggest?

    i'll be going to my grow spot later on today to water the grow i started already. i'll also check how the germination is going. im hoping to get some of my other strains/seeds to sprout for a little variety mixed in ;)

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    Yay, I'm happy you made a journal. :D Can't wait to see this, have you thought of getting some CFL's for supplemental lighting? Maybe to get the edges of the cups.

    Eliminate the runts and grow fewer but bigger plants in bigger containers. Plus you can take care of less plants easier. You already have 100+ on your hands
  7. Damn man. You got some serious work ahead of you, but I'll take a seat and watch. Good luck!
  8. Check out ed rosenthals.....marijuana indoor success...vol 1......tips trips and grow rooms.....there is a section in there about a women who had the same issue and had tons on seed germing and seedlings....she placed them all in cups like you have and was stuck with them.....so she made a miniture sea of green forest.......check it out!...

  9. how long should i veg/what size pot should i finish in?

    right now the plants are in 1 gallon grow bags. i have 13 of them now. probably gonna get down to around 9 plants.

    to me seems like too many for 3 gal pots but too few (number of plants) for 1 gal pots...

    enjoy it because still transferring the germ'd seeds from the plate to their cups and im already starting to feel the pain it will cause me to water, feed, and flush.

    especially the flush!

    i realized that during the flush i will have to pour 450 18oz cups worth of water through 150 cups...assuming its 150 cups...could be more could be less...idk yet though since i dont know what to expect from this strain. it could be unstable as fuk and i could get 50 runts for all i know. lol.

    on the plus side trimming should be a breeze..no shake/popcorn :hello:

    ok thanks a bunch.
  10. Saturday's Update:

    ok so yesterday i show up to a wonderfully scary sight...i peel back the paper towels to discover all of my bagseed sativa (with the exception of 10 beans) sprouted! 93% germination rate! not bad considering i harvested all of those beans myself!

    Sadly to say i had to toss several beans as i truly dont have the space to house 200+ beans under 1 600w system...so i scraped a solid 30 or so. had to...didnt expect them all to pop in the first place...

    Plus i wanna save some room for this master kush and big bang i just bought from a friend who got them from some club.

    i plan to make colloidal silver if these beans turn out to be feminised. im just saying you never know these days...

    personally i use fem's more than reg's (no need to eliminate half ur plants which saves me time, money, and veg space.)

    i also noticed 3 big bang's pop'd as well as 9 or so master kush.

    planted them all.

    right now i believe my party cup plant count is right around 130-133.

    plus the 13 plants left for the grow i was originally on...i had 14 but killed the smallest runt...by the time im done i should have around 9.

    pics in this post are from Saturday.

    couple more q's (i'll probably have a lot throughout this grow...def not experienced in sog and breeding)

    As far as breeding goes...what are some key elements i want to see in a model specimen? male and/or female...

    also in the event that they are all feminised how do i want to go about determining which females should be the "male" (or part male as i probably wont spray the whole plant with the silver mixture as id like a few S1 beans)


    enjoy the pics.


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  11. Go with 2 gallon grow bags with the 9-13 plants you have. Veg till there 10-12 inches tall.

    What you want to look for in a plant is vigorous growth, good bud/THC production, hardiness and good nutrient uptake.
  12. All I gotta say is GOD DAMN that's quite the project you decided to pick up....either way a lot of beautiful ladies coming your way I'm sure.....I'll definately be following this journal....

    About SOG you'll need to get a net w/ 2-4" holes and keep the net about 6" above grow medium and when the ladies start growing through the net (probably about 6" or so above) keep all the leaves and shoots under the net off. You'll have to do a shit ton of trimming but it'll make the plants look 100% better cause all the leaves beneath the net wont get any light for shit and just suck up all the nutes you try to feed them.....I'm not 100% sure on SOG green but with all my research and personal experience this is what I've seen to work best.

  13. ill have to get some 2 gal bags as all i have is 3 and 5 gal pots right now.

    no offense but it was kind of a "no sh*t" moment when i read about the vigorous growth, good bud and thc production, etc.

    i was asking what other things (that aren't always obvious to the naked/inexperienced eye) to look for...like i heard something about if you see a ring develop around the lowest node that it was a good selection for breeding (dont remember why now...i think something bout strength and vigor).

    what sucks is that i was hoping to breed for the "high" more so than anything else as to me the quality of the buzz is top priority...i'd pass on yield and flowering time for a great buzz.

    looks like i'll be breeding for vigor and bud production/yield then.

    i have a slight feeling this bagseed may be feminised. ive never found a male so far in the past...if so ill be using the silver method to force the plant to hermie.

    if i make seeds from two females my question would have to be how do i determine which plant i want to be self'd and the male all at the same time (since i plan on only spraying half of the plant so it can pollinate others as well as produce S1 seeds on the same plant)

    or would it be best to just select my best 3-4 plants and spray half of each of them and keep them separate allowing each to produce its own S1 seeds.

    as far as producing s1 seeds go i was wondering...if i self a plant all the plants that grow from those harvested seeds should be pretty much a "clone" of the selfed plant...correct? and if so is it possible to continue to develop that strain or am i pretty much screwed at that point unless i wanna make it unstable?

    i ask because i believe (if i remember right) that i was told that trying to self s1 seeds will result in a loss of potency and vigor and slowly make the strain unstable...

    thanks. yeah this is gonna be tough...im gonna hang in there though...if i didnt already have a grow in progress i would have kept all the seeds that sprouted instead of just what would fit under there.

    as far as the nets go i think you're referring to SCROG (screen of green) instead of SOG (sea of green).

    SCROG is generally the technique in which you use a small number of plants (generally two of them...one on each side of the light) and a screen is placed over the plants and everytime a shoot comes above the net you tuck it back under and slowly fill in the screen...at around 75%-85% full you send them to flower. veg period is long...usually 6-8wks

    sog is the same idea but the opposite...instead of a long veg many 12/12 from clone (or seed) or do just a short 1-2wk veg. in sog there are many plants being used to cover all the floor space...

    its basically SCROG just quicker and cheaper.(ie less money spent on electricity for long veg, etc)
  14. Sunday's Update!

    20 of my bagseed sativa's sprouted above soil today! right now i have them under cfls as i dont see the need to crank on the hps just yet.

    sorry im not at the grow location and dont have pics for this update.

  15. :smoke:Ahh yes you are correct sir.....I get the two mixed up sometimes. I'm still kinda new to the growing business.
    Either way I'll continue to watch your grow because I'm sure I'll learn something......Hell I already have. :)

  16. hey dont sweat it...i use to be confused by the two because i thought they were the same thing just that some people abbreviated it differently lol.

    it seems so confusing to start but its really simple once you learn it...i mean for the most part.

    i dont want to come across as some 10-20 yr pro lol...i only been doing this for the short 2 1/2 yrs ive had my medical card. i started learning on forums like GC!
  17. Monday's Update:

    Ok guys i show up to my grow today and BAM...60+ have sprouted above soil. All of them the sativa except for 1 or 2 master kush.

    so i gave them all 1 18oz cup of water each...i continue to keep the surface damp for the ones that have not sprouted above ground yet.

    Also...All of my master kush beans sprouted and all but 1 of my big bang's sprouted.

    now i have a decision to make...grow out the mystery sativa (i seriously gotta work on naming it something...lol) and what few mk and bb plants i have or eliminate some sativa's for some mk and big bang...

    honestly i have like 40+ beans of mk and bb combined that have sprouted (maybe more) and no where to put them...i germ'd way more than i needed since i thought i was having germ issues with my sativa (boy was i wrong).

    overall ive had 95-97% germination rate. its been very impressive (to me at least).

    i must note that im really starting to see what im really getting myself into. i didnt even water all of the party cups today and it still took me 3 hrs :eek: (i also watered my 10 1gal pots too).

    so in total i probably watered...70-80 plants today and it took over 3 hrs with all the pouring, mixing, moving gallons 4 at a time back and fourth, dumping my trays (i use my drip trays to hold my party cups while i water them...rather than carrying all my plants out of my grow room which would take forever).

    this is probably going to suck haha...hopefully it'll be worth it in the end and i can improve this strain with some GC help ;)

    Now. for my grow that was already in progess (1gal grow bags)...

    i eliminated 3 plants today. the runts. two white widows and 1 of the very sativa im currently growing in the party cups (as i said before i wasnt expecting to start this party cup grow until the other was complete).

    so now i have 10 plants im going to be working with (they are all pictured below)

    my remaining 10 plants were fed with 1/2 teaspoon of grow big and 1/2 tbl spoon of fox farm big bloom.

    i'll be using bio bizz grow and bloom in place of the grow big and tiger bloom as soon as i finish the last of the bottle...) thats just me experimenting with a new set of nutes. i'll continue with the big bloom period.

    enjoy the pics.

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    Hey you know what's funny is this is the same place I started to pick up all my grow knowledge... honestly I've been to other similar forum sites and this one has always been able to answer any and all questions I've ever had without any hassle.

    On a side note I'd love to see what this mystery sativa strain can do. Right now I'm working with a 75/25 Indica/sativa called white berry. Honestly some of the best stuff I've ever had and just by chance got a few seeds from a buddy of mine. Can't wait for the finished result.

    Happy growing sir

  19. yeah i lurked on several forums before deciding to break down and sign up with this one..it seemed like it had the most traffic (consistently) and the best advice overall.

    im curious to see what it can do too. short story is i found it in some good sativa i picked up from a friend who got it from a street dealer. there were 4 beans in it and the one that made it just so happened to be female and just so happened to get knocked up by a near by male im assuming as i didnt have any hermie issues so its my only logical explanation.

    I could end up with anything as far as im concerned...i hope it was a hermie issue and that i just missed it since it was some good ass smoke. the mother these beans came from was x-mas tree like. bud density was average to above avg (for a sativa). high was very heady but i suspect it wasn't a pure sativa as some body could be felt...but not much.

    if it turns out that i have a good set of phenos out of these 100+ beans then i'll probably continue to work with this strain...i think im going to inbreed it as i wouldnt have the slightest clue at this point as to what i should breed it with. if i find a really good pheno heads and tails above the rest i'll self it and cross it with something. idk i really am gonna need some advice on this side of it as im a breeding n00b for the most part.

    ahh the white berry. this wouldnt happen to be from paradise seeds would it? if so then you're in for a treat as i grew 2 white berry's from paradise seeds awhile back. the plants were even in terms of vigor, height, and smell.

    it smells awesome if you run across the right pheno...i was lucky enough to get the "starburst" smelling pheno...ive seen one other grow journal claiming the same thing...it smells just like starburst...pretty awesome.

    the smell when growing is fruity for the most part. no skunky/diesel/loud smells but its def not a "low odor strain". it smells almost tropical at times...

    buds come out DENSE and loaded with crystals. i think you'll be very happy with that strain...other than master kush its one of my fav strains that ive grown personally. it behaves just like you want it to.

    good idea to top/fim (it responds well it those techniques)...also likes being LST'D

    i too got my white berry seeds from a friend he bought a pack of fems from world wide marijuana seeds.

  20. Actually this buddy of mine has a personal friend who has been growing this white berry strain for several years now. No idea how he got his hands on it.....strangely enough the seeds my buddy got were caused because of a hermie...so I'm really really hoping i don't end up with one.

    though I wouldn't be too disappointed because I really wouldn't mind a few male parts to save some pollen and possibly use it on another plant....but I'm afraid i'm in the same boat with the breeding aspect. Never done it and have never seen anyone do it. So it's up to GC to help me out on that end. who knows maybe in the end I'll figure out how to get rid of the hermie trait altogether and just have a good solid strain.

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