Just wrecked...road rash...ouch

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  1. Just wrecked my beloved Yamaha Zuma 125 a couple of hours ago. Hit a huge pothole that sent me flying/rolling/skidding 40 feet down the road.
    Fucking road rash blows....
  2. Pix.

    Glad you are ok brother.
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    pic. broke my pinky and im going to have a big bruise on my hip also

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  4. That's not bad man. Someone was looking out for you.
  5. im lucky it was on a cold day when I was wearing gloves, a helmet, jeans with sweatpants underneath, and 2 hoodies. If that would have happened on a hot day i would have been fucked cause i usually wear flip flops, shorts, and a t-shirt. No helmet or gloves.
    I think I just learned my lesson of why i should wear my helmet and gloves all the time, and never wear shorts. Road rash is not something you want...
  6. I went down at 60 once on a 600 shadow and was wearing cheap a joe rocket padded bike jacket with cold weather gear. Did not even get a scratch, well my helmet did. I always wore that jacket from then on even in the summer. After being in the ER a few times I dont risk it.

  8. I hit a deer at about 50mph of my Harley a couple years ago. T shirt, jeans, no helmet or gloves. Deer came over the handle bars and took me straight off the back of the bike. I slid about 100' with the deer on my chest. Talk about road rash. I was REAL lucky I didn't hit my head on the pavement.

    Glad your ok.
  9. Yeah, OP always wear protective gear. I have been hurt worse on small bikes than large ones. Glad you are OK....
  10. Holy shit dude glad you're Ok. Hows the bike? >.<
  11. Lucky to be alive, man. Toke one up to celebrate. I'll vape a bag.
  12. lol could've been worst, did you wear a helmet at least???
  13. Bike is pretty scraped up on the right side, insurance is covering everything. Less than 80 bucks a year for full coverage FTW

  14. Here lets reinforce that point a little bit.........

    Road Rash
  15. I feel ya man, im scarred up too from shit like that. Mine ate up my tat, so now its kinda fucked up.

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