Just worked a 60 hour work week

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  1. Just finished a 60 hour work week, job pays once a month so I'm still broke. So I asked my mom what's the plans for the weekend, she said "do your laundry and Saturday will already be finished". The fuck? Is she even a human? Who works a 60 hour week to look forward to do laundry on the weekend to go back to work on Monday at 7 am...
    She's trying to make me kill time while I'm trying to enjoy time...
    I actually enjoy my life

    Am I wrong for getting mad at my mom because of her mindset?
  2. Who asks their mom what their own plans are for the weekend?
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  3. I'm broke because my job pays monthly. I was looking to do something with the family because usually they pay for dinners or movies or whatever it is. If I got paid, it would be very easy to find plans lol.
  4. You work 60 hours a week while you live with your parents and have no money? Therefore you expect them to take you out to eat or go to the movies?

    It sounds more like you're under 18, likely just got your first job, and asked your mom what to do because you're bored. Then got unhappy with her response?
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    21 at Baruch college :). Been working since I was 16. I'm broke because I help pay for bills and for my car. Plus I owe $1700 to my college atm. I'm not from the fucking South or Midwest blue collar workers don't exist here :). We need brains to get paid well :) Only a small percentage in New York City of people under age of 25 have their own house
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  6. But what about....Sunday ? o_O
  7. Do Saturday's laundry
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  8. Tell me something that will make me mad right now. I want to hear it. Because I took your misconception into a friendly manner.
  9. I spent a few months working 110 hour weeks. Free time ceases to exist. Try it.. You'll love working 60s.
  10. What were you doing 110 hrs/week if you don't mind me asking .
  11. I work sun up to sun down but that is on a Cannabis Farm so I can't complain :smoke:

    Laundry and is great pass time. Wash, fold, store, repeat !
  12. Get a credit card......
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  13. Killing myself slowly. So I stopped.
  14. I have bad credit history from mistakes I made in the past.
  15. Get a secured card....
    Open a bank account with your first check and get the bank to issue a card secured by part of your account balance...this will also help repair your credit.
  16. Well of course I have a debit, didn't know putting money in it repairs credit
  17. I think she is trying to tell you to do your own laundry.

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  18. Ok....

  19. My mums the oppasite of yours when I was working and had weekends off she'd basically tell me to get drunk and smoke up cause I'd been working all week lol, used to start every Saturday by hotboxing a tent in my garden with a few joints then I'd have breakfast :smoking:
  20. I work 84 hour work weeks but im on shift rotation.
    When i was a contractor 6 years ago i worked 72 hour weeks for 6 months strait before getting on with my current company.
    60 aint so bad man.
    All about your mind set. My outlook is theres always someone who works longer hours then me.
    If laundry is what gets you upset you need to chill.
    Try having 2 mortgages and kids/family tasks, then a day with only laundry to do is a sweet day lol.
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