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Just wondering

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BuckleyInDaHous, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. So, I've been smoking for about 6 or so months now and I never tried baking my weed or eating it. So, I was wondering if I went to the store and bought some chocolate chip cookie dough pre-made in that tube could I like mix the weed up with the dough and smash it in the pan and bake it and still get high?
    I hope I was clear with what i said, and if i can get high like that.
    Do I have to eat the cookies as soon as they finish baking, or will i be able to save them for like a couple of hours?

  2. Check out any information online concerning "cannabutter" before you go wasting your pot in the oven. Once its done right...all the cellulose (plant material) can be discarded and you are left with butter, but this no ordinary butter! Just check out some posts in here or online, you'll get schooled pretty quick and in no time eating space cakes that even Betty Crocker would be jealous of. Good luck buck!:smoke:
  3. Sorry man, but just mixing the weed and dough will not have desired effects. You should make cannabutter and use a cookie mix that requires butter if you wish to enjoy ganja cookies that will send you to space. There are guides everywhere on the net with directions and recipes.
  4. Like they said, make cannabutter or canna oil depending on the recipe. I made these with cannabutter (half and half hashish and frosty bud) on Friday. We just finished them off last night.

  5. I think that looks like the tastiest thing I've ever seen in my life
  6. Oh they were delicious, and really potent. I used dark chocolate and milk chocolate plus I added chocolate chips to the final better before baking. Two of them were plenty for most tolerances :D
  7. Alright thanks for all the info, I was hoping that i could just mix it with the dough.
    Guess life isn't that easy lmfao.
    Will look into that butter thing.
  8. Was that the pie you gifted you wife at Valentine's Day? :D
    Looks pretty yummy! :D
  9. Indeed, and she appreciated them greatly ;)

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