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  1. i was just wondering this aerogarden everyones talking about would it be good for just one to 2 plants........(just for a starter to see if it works) and if i could remove the regular light fixture could i use a different light system for it and just use the bottom part with a different light????? could this work for a small place?:confused::eek::confused:
  2. Quick answer... Yes, with some work.

    Unless you can get a pre-made cabinet that can be converted easily I would build your own system into the space. I know the SCRoG method is quite capable of producing 3ounces or more of medical from a 150w HPS without much heat.

    If you're new to growing and want to get your feet wet (ha ha) with hydroponics I highly recommend going as simple as possible for just your first grow. I'll explain why too.

    First... Unless you've grown mj before you're not going to be familiar with it. Every plant is different like every gun is different like every car is different like every person is different.
    Each has their do's and don'ts.

    Now... since the goal here is to learn AND produce at least acceptable results the best thing to do is to go with a proven method, follow the tutorials and learn how this plant behaves. The Lucas Method in a bubbler tub worked wonders for me on my first grow and I spent very little time worrying about nutrients and the like.

    The majority of that grow I spent learning how micro-grows operate and how mj itself grows and changes as a plant. Wonderful experience I can't recommend highly enough to anyone. Very therapeutic as well.

    Lucas Method + Bubbler Bucket = Simple Grow, Great Results

    Once you've grown and learned from your first (and maybe second?) grow... THEN I would begin to experiment with additional nutrition styles.
    At least by then you aren't purchasing street pot so use that cash for materials and such instead and set yourself up right.

    GROW ON!

  3. ill have to take a look at it sound very interesting. since im on probation for 6 months i wanted to get some advice which i got thank you so much and take a look at this lucas method so when i get off pro b i can start for my own personal use... thanks again:D:smoking:

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