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  1. My closet is 8ft long 8 ft high 2 ft deep. Im putting in 3 400watt hps lights... how many plants can i put in it for the most yeld
  2. That's all on you bud. You can make one giant ass plant that ultimately can yield a half pound or so. Or you can make a ton of little ones, and take care of a bunch of little plants with smaller yield individually, but collectively a good amount. How much you get from each setup is also completely on you and determined by lights, veg time, lst'ing or not, super cropping, using a scrog, which nutes you do end up using, and about 18403817 other factors. It all depends on how you end up handling it and how much attention you give to the plant. Is there ventilation in the closet? 1 of those bulbs can get hot if not properly ventilated, so 3 in such a small space I think can cause problems if it's not ventilated or kept cool enough properly. Hardly ever sober
  3. Yeah i have 2 440 6inch fans for exhaust and intake. my lights are air cooled hoods... fox farm full line of nutes... waiting on seeds bubblicious and Northern Lights. soil is 2-1 ffof and light warrior
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    I would probably start with 10 plants and narrow them down to the nicest 4-6 plants for that space. I'd use 2 lamps for flower and one for veg to keep it perpetual
    You will want to use supports (such as bamboo) or an oscillating fan to strengthen the stems so they can hold their weight especially if they get tall. And you need to remove the plants every now and then to spray them down with tea, clean the floor, and what have you. It will be useful if the floor and walls are water-proof in advance so its no big deal if leaves drip a bit or the plants are perspiring at night. 
    hope that helps

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