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  1. Okay, here's some backround.

    My sister gets really decent stuff from a friend of hers at work. I've always had good deliveries, until last night.

    I bought double (a 1/4) what I usually do because last time I got some super duper blueberry. I spent $95 (it's always $50 an 1/8, sis gave me a discount because of what I'm about to tell you).

    This is the stuff I got.

    Sorry for the bad pic, I don't have a digital cam, I only have a scanner. I am sort of disappointed. I don't have a scale because I've gone thru this girl for a year now and it's always on the mark, if not a tad over. I've never needed one. I don't buy a lot of weed all the time. An 1/8th will last me a month or so. This (IMO) is not a quarter (now, keep in mind that sis and I smoked a bit about the size of a peanut m&m, just for a taste). When you smell the bud together, out of the bag, it smells a bit fruity, almost sugary. But when you take a bud and smell it up close, it doesn't smell very fruity, it smells almost, well, like fresh earth with a hint of sugar. I don't know how that can happen, but it does. The buds are really light and long, with very very fine white hairs ALL over, on the veins of the leaves and outer edges. Red hairs are there, but not copious.

    I've just smoked 4 small hits out of a tiny stone pipe that I use when I am having an anxiety attack and I only need a hit or 2. It smokes smooth (It's still pretty wet) but is not particularly tasty. It gives a good high, slow and gradual, but leaves an almost...ashy taste in your mouth. (Hmm, maybe I need to clean my pieces.) I am getting pretty high as the minutes pass though.

    I don't even know why I'm posting this thread, probably so I can get some outside opinions on it. DH says that the bag is probably short, but that it looks like pretty decent weed. I suppose I'm just perturbed and kinda shocked that I didn't get what I normally receive when I buy from her...lots of small, round perfect little buds that smell and taste like fruity candy. Oh well. Thanks for letting me vent.


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  2. Oh yeah, DH stands for Dear Husband. Sorry. Terminology for a different forum.

  3. Now this is why you Look, touch and smell before you buy. Dont like the look n smell of it?..DONT BUY IT.
  4. an 1/8 lasts you a month.........damn i wish i was like that an 1/8 these day's last's me about a night nd maybe half the next day if that......
  5. :D
    I always give the money to my sister because she works with this chick. If I could get my money back I might try. It's not like I can exactly go to the Better Business Bureau or anything. Ah well.

    Now that the high has set in, I suppose it's really alright. Its a very gradual high, which is really nice. I'm pretty high now though. I suppose I was just hoping for what I got last time, which was a month ago, so the likelyhood of me getting the SAME stuff was nil. And when I didn't, I was bummed. I got a really good batch last time. OH well. I feel pretty good anyways. I have a girlfriend that I might go through next time. Hit or miss. Wait...hit 'n pass. Gonna stop complaining now because i'd rather be smoking it than bitching about it.

    Have a pleasant day, all. :D

  6. its difficult to tell how large those buds are with nothing to compare size too. Put up a lighter or cell phone next to them. From what i CAN tell it looks pretty decent. If your getting a nice high of 3 or 4 hits then its all good eh?

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