just wondering what you stoners think of my site..

Discussion in 'General' started by ITZWEEDMAN!, Jan 5, 2004.

  1. i was wondering what yall thought of my website.. i worked on it long and hard just like my penis to make it an informative site. i have a lot more shit coming up too like what to do with cops, your rights, etc. i think i did a pretty damn good fucking job myself! i was just wondering some opinions and suggestions or any feedback. ill take free marijuana weed offers as well. its at http://www.geocities.com/deucebagsucks thanks!!! :)

    your friend,

  2. to be honest...you seem just that guy who made that "Ultimate Ninja Power" shit website. Not trying to be mean or anything but yeah u wanted comments....

    it sucks. hardcore.
  4. allocated data transfer? it must rule. lol
  5. damn right it does


  6. I got there now, I think it's pretty dumb. It reminds me of www.realultimatepower.net , except that guy's site is funny. Just my opinion, maybe someone else will like it....peace
  7. whoopsiedaisy I feel the exact same way. I'm kinda thinking he made the sn as some stupid joke, trying to be funny. If you're trying to be an asshole, please stop (edit: ITZWEEDMAN! not whoopsiedaisy)

    addition: Weed hasn't killed 6 people, it has killed 0 people.
  8. I agree with both of yalll...the site contains such slapstick humor that a 7 year old could put together...cept a 7 year old can't learn HTML.
  9. ***cough***Bull Shit***cough***
  10. A 7 year old could possibly learn HTML, if he was smart and applied himself enough. But this guy doesn't seem to be smart, so something else is up
  11. I think the site is GREAT!!!

    its obviously a joke, i dont think weedmans lookin for us to believe any of that shit...

    but i gotta say it was one of the funniest things ive ever read in my life :D

    keep it up man, you got atleast one fan hahaha.

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