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Just wondering something...

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by aceofangels, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. I live in Pennsylvania, as such, I cannot get an MMJ card here. No I really do have legitimate reasons to have an MMJ card. I even told my local doctor that I smoked weed and it helped with some of the problems I was seeing him for. He said something along the lines of,

    "I know it does, and you should still keep smoking it. Now I can get into trouble for telling you to in a state that isnt decrimilized, but I really think that marijuana is a great medicine. Anyone who says its a drug is wrong. Its an herb with amazing medical uses."

    So he's pretty much the coolest doctor ever around here.

    But I was wondering, if I went to another state and got a card, would it be legal for me to smoke it in my home state (Pennsylvania) and not get in trouble? I think it would still be illegal, but I just want to make sure.

    Also, is there any news of when PA is going to become a MMJ state?
  2. No, it'll still be illegal. Besides, you'd have to become a resident of that state before you could even try to get a doctor's recommendation.
  3. Ya thats a negative captain
  4. They're right! I live in Cali, but my legality stops at the Oregon border! When your state finally does get legal MMJ, try to get reciprocity written into the law! Then we can avoid these silly situations, where if I visit friend A, I can legally toke at his house. I go to Friend B's, a bit further down the road, it would be illegal for me to medicate! Some silly lines in the dirt (borders) make all the difference!

    And I am sure your doctor would LOVE my "Granny Storm Crow's List"-65 pages of the URLs to hundreds of pro-MMJ studies. I have the list at a brand new MMJ site. Not all doctors are ready for Grass City! :eek: LOL The new site is good for when you don't want culture shock getting in the way of a learning experience- like with parents, politicians and other "oldsters" who aren't quite as open minded as Granny! ;)

    And as to when Penn gets MMJ? How "active" are YOU? Your doctor is a good place to start! Make a print up- show it to your friends. Give the the URL for them to pass around. Everyone knows someone with cancer, Parkinsons, MS or other catastrophic disease. They should know about these studies! Rick Simpson's "Phoenix Oil", a very concentrated cannabis extract, is said to cure cancer- I can't say if this is true, but I know I found dozens of "Cannabis fights cancer" studies, so he may have a cure! I don't know, but I'd love to see a real study done! How about at U of Penn? It will be done somewhere, and it starts with someone making a suggestion that it might be an "interesting" study.

    Education is the road to legalization! Once someone has read, even just the titles of all those studies, there is no way a sane person can object to legalizing MMJ- at the very least! Full legalization might take a bit more convincing with the die-hards.

    Granny :wave:

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