Just won a 4 peice medium space case

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by skurfy007, Feb 10, 2009.

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    non titanium

    for 67 dollars!!

    just to think if i spent 13 more i probably would of won the titanium one



    HEY here are some pictures just got it

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  2. it's not exactly winning if you are spending money lol
  3. this is true lol

    but still dont kill my post ebay bid winning buzz lol

  4. didn't know it was from ebay....

    good job then, the rush from winning something from ebay is uncomparable....
  5. How bout some pics
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    i will take some pics when i recieve my item, it wouldnt be fun to post pics someone else took

    yay 200th post
  7. Oh yeah lol my Bad completely spaced on the fact it was just won
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    bump :)

    this thing really does scratch easily :(
  9. In Pandora's box?

    Nice man,not the best grinder I have used but it's a good one,not for the price they want though.That right there though,if legit is alright.
  10. awesome! i got my titanium medium for $52 on EDIT [they gave me the upgrade free]
  11. Be careful with that ebay rush man,

    Once you've had one, you need another, and another, until suddenly you find your self lying on the street, with nothing more than a pile of worthless crap in your lap.

  12. did yours scratch easily? id assume not

    lol @ j-pimp
  13. SPACE CASE is the only grinder i will buy, all others are just shit compared to them
  14. That is called opinion and my opinion is they are not the best grinder's.

    Nice find though.

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