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Just woke up with a bong/concentrate theory... Need help with this one.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Vash92, Jul 7, 2012.

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    Ok so I woke up from being sound asleep and the first thought that went through my head goes as follows:

    When using concentrates with a nail/bubbler setup, your vaporizing not smoking. Which means what is going though the bong is NOT smoke, Its the actual vapor of the liquid cannibinoids that are suspended in the wax which itself, is made from the cannibinoids.

    Since its vapor, not smoke, when the bubbles of the diffusion on the bubbler pop (usually trapping tar and other nasty shit in the water when SMOKING), could this possibly be releasing quite a bit of thc into the water? In theory it makes sense.... Water vapor is being made every time a bubble pops, yet inside each bubble is another kind of vapor. Some of it MUST condense with the the water vapor being produced by the diffusion, returning it to the bong water instead of my lungs :(

    If I clean my piece, spotless, and use it for NOTHING besides vaporizing concentrates....... Could drinking the water potentially get me high? I am by no means desperate, I got several grams of wax at my disposal. I really just wanted to be productive and put this out there, rather then going back to sleep and loosing this though forever.

    tl;dr - Make my piece spotless, vape nothing but wax, vaping isnt smoking therefore THC is potentially in bong water, bong water IS NOT nasty and yellow from smoke, thinking about drinking bong water as an experiment to test this theory.

    So. Any input? I might fall asleep at the computer lol... I hope to wake up with many things to read :p
  2. I wouldn't ever drink the water, just cuz it's too gross. I agree that the bong water will absorb some of the THC, so will the walls of the bong. but I don't think you could get high from drinking it.

    Once I had a dream where I was relaxing watching TV having bongs and drinking cola. I picked up the coke and had a sip, then when I looked at the glass I realised I'd just drank out the bong. lol I hope it never happens in real life.
  3. That would be so fucking disgusting. Definitely do not drink the bong water OP.
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    Keep in mind that the bongwater remains close to oderless, and is completely clean. Its also a very small amount, about 2 shots. I cannot stress this enough. I am ANAL about clean water, if it had ANYTHING floating in it or was SLIGHTLY discolored, I wouldent do it.
  5. Try it man. If it's gross, you'll learn your lesson and not do it again. If it works, then you've made a lot of stoners happy.
  6. Im gunna let this thread play out for a day... When I wake up if I fall asleep, Im going to stay with it.

    Im a fucking weed scientist. This isnt about getting high, this is about testing a theory and getting input from my peers.
  7. Try it, make sure your completely sober before you do it though
  8. Even when vaping through water it tastes gross OP.Smell the water and ask I really wanna drink this?
  9. Just fucking drink it, man.
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    Im keeping a log of how many dabs that im doing through the clean water in the piece... After 30 dabs, if it is still clean, ill consider it.

    30 dabs is gunna be a while though unless I dab some other people out lol

    The whole reason im trying to find out if vapor is being lost, is so I can then find a way to hit the piece differently, or use a water substitute, or something else for the best possible high.

    One idea I had is hitting the piece as fast as possible while dabbing. Give the vapor no time to do shit but go straight to my lungs.
  11. THC is not water soluble, so no, you cannot drink the water and get high.

  12. This. Why do people always ignore the most simple of facts?
  13. Well their might be some cbd or cbn that are water soluble because THC is not the only thing that gets you high. I have no idea actually but theres a possibility.
  14. go to the WEED in studio city best dispensary ever such a great budder/wax/etc selection and not retard prices :D

    But yes I'm sure the bongwater when hitting oils gets quite potent, I wouldn't drink it though

  15. This is what I always assumed... I live very close to a high grade concentrates store; Aqua Lab Technologies. I plan on going there to buy a few different kinds of nails and domes today and ill ask their opinion in this as well.

  16. THC IS the only thing that gets you high. The other cannabinoids like you mentioned only affect how the THC effects you.
  17. I drank bong water on a bet once, won $100.00.
    It didn't get me high and the taste was quite bad.
    One thing I did find out, as bad as the bong water was, Jack Daniels is worse, imo.
  18. Well how do you explain that some research chemicals are CBN or CBD only and they DO get you high, the effect is more analgesic. They are different drugs that have different effects but they also interact with each other. And btw CBN and CBD are only exemples of other chemicals in cannabis those are also present:


  19. From: Cannabis: Analysis of Drugs and Poisons

    According to that site, both CBD and CBN are also insoluble in water.
  20. Many organic compounds, such as those found within cannabis, are nonpolar and thus not (significantly) soluble in water.

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