Just woke up to a call from McDonalds.

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  1. So Im trying to get my first job at McDonalds so I can get some damn work experience in. This morning they called me and I picked up my phone and I think there might have been a bad connection, but they didnt say anything on the other line. I figured since I submitted an application there, maybe they wanted to bring me in for an interview. Should I call them back and ask them why they called, or just ask if I can check up on the status of my application. God damn I hope I get a job soon.
  2. Yes, obviously call them back and explainwhats going on.
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    Just called them back, got an interview. Swag
    Anyone have any interview tips?

  4. Being white and educated is your best bet, good luck.
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  5. Pee your pants during the interview. shows confidence.
  6. [quote name='"Mike 408"']Just called them back, got an interview. Swag
    Anyone have any interview tips?[/quote]

    Dress overly nice (not like a suit and tie or anything, but button up, tuck in, business casual pants)

    They will likely ask what makes you a good team member.... say you love to lead but work well in any position on a team lol
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    Just be calm, talk like an adult, and don't mention 'religion - music - politics - or sports' (unless the interviewer has a sports item on his/her desk)

    - Make yourself look responsible - dress nice.
    - Arrive 10min early - no bs.
    - Since your in the food industry, your availability is a key virtue to your manager.
    - Honesty. Most mangers know how to sift thru the bs.. that's why they are managers.

    Most jobs like this mainly want competent people that can be counted on when it gets neck deep in the bull shit during 1pm Sat Lunch rush. The "I don't party much/drink much but still have fun" idea but you need to be real w/ them. Learning ppl in these types of position in the work-place will make ur job 10x easier. If you are enthusiastic and excited so are they to bring you on board.

    Gl man
  8. Seriously?
    You're asking for tips about a mcdonalds interview?

  9. Not for Mc Donalds its not... Being educated is the last thing places like that want.

  10. So if your not white do reverse black face like Eddie Murphy
  11. Wear a Burger King crown
  12. Working there is going to eat your soul man.

  13. Im only going to work there for like 3 months or until I can find a better place to work at. Gotta start somewhere.:)
  14. What planet are you living on?(forgot to qoute the guy, but the mentioning of "you have to be white and educated" is laughable) Every freaking chain resturant aka fast food joint i've ever seen has been totally comprised of multi-racial employees. Don't try'in bring stigma into it.
  15. Walk into the store and make it rain cheese slices in that bitch

  16. Smile, try to appear confidant even if you're scared out of your mind and be enthusiastic, but not overly so

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