Just woke up. Scared shit less.

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  1. I live in a dorm at my college, and these dorms are like apartment style ones. There isn't a hallway when you're all connected. Me and my room mate share one bathroom, a kitchen, and 2 different rooms for us. So they are pretty nice. Anyways, he was gone this weekend, last night I was token it up in my room like always and this is how I just woke up...

    It's 11:50 P.M. and I am in my bed sleeping, I keep hearing knocks on my BEDROOM door. I'm still like half asleep so I am thinking it's a dream. Finally, like 2 minutes into the knocking I realize it isn't a dream and it was like RA yelling "we need to search your room". I was like OOOH FUCK! So I yelled "hold on, let me put some short on" hurried and put some shorts on and hid my pipe and weed somewhere really fast. I opened the door and she was like "sorry didn't mean to wake up" I acted all cool and said it was fine. She looked inside my room from outside and noticed it was messy as hell and she couldn't even walk in my room without stepping on something, so she said "alright, thats all, you can go back to sleep now. thanks!". Apparently she had to "check" every single room. Buuuut it scared me shitless. I thought I got caught.
  2. Not the best way to wake up, but good job hiding your shit quick status.
  3. scary shit man. I would of froze for a good 4.5 seconds then cleaned everything up

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