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  1. Something comes along to change that theory. It all happened the week before Thanksgiving. My sig other and I decided to go camping for a little R and R before the flocks of hoarding relatives came to roost. Granted, we decided to spice things up by inviting two of our crazy friends. These two took crazy to new definitions. They got so drunk, that the one talked the other into firewalking! They pumped themselves up(by calling each other pussy) and walked thru the coals. OUCH!!! Of course, the alchohol took care of any pain(6 cases of beer and two bottles of crown royal)and if either one felt anything they werent gonna be "pussies" and admit it.
    Well the next morning, neither could walk and the blisters were outrageous. Thankfully, we always care a first aid kit, and the first aid class I took in high school finally paid off. But as I fixed them up, I was thinking how stupid alchohol is and as a bartender I had finally seen everything. Nope.
    We left the two alone to go into the neighboring town to get supplies, namely beer, cause they were going to run out and we werent leaving until Mon. moring. We had to wait for awhile cause the town didnt sell beer until after 1:00 on Sundays. No problem, we got some lunch, goofed off, and then returned to camp with supplies in hand. Imagine our surprise as we pulled up to Doug with a shaved head!!!!!
    Notice I said shaved. The clippers Ronnie had used ran out of batteries half way through, so Ronnie had used toe nail scissors to finish cutting off his hair. Doug looked like he had the mange or bad chemotherapy. As the shock wore off, I realized the two were shitfaced again. They had gotten tired of waiting on us so they had started drinking without us. It was funny. Luckily for Doug we had batteries in our GPS that fit in the clippers, and we finished shaving his head. Doug loved his hair, until he woke up the next moring. Then it was really funny. And I got some great pictures of the morons. The moral of the story is....these two guys wont smoke pot cause "it makes you stupid". Yeah, I'd say these two dont need anymore help in that area.
  2. Sounds like fun was had by all! And those friends are all the entertainment ya need...LOL.....just picturing the toenail scissors on the head...
  3. it sounds like you got some dam fine friends any way !and we have all had are days!it sonds like they real light up your trip!lol
  4. You'll have to excue the second hand story... cos' I wasn't actually there at the time but the story is funny, never the less.

    A friend of mine (who is more than happy smoking a joint in one hand and taking a swig of JD in the other) arranged a camping trip with a couple of guys he knew. I got an invite but couldn't make it so one of our old school friends, Stevie, from way back (he's a PhD physicist now) went along in my place.

    Now, Stevie is not what you could call laid back and when half way into the journey he realised he was in the midst of a drug and alcohol fueled crazy week-end he began to have second thoughts.

    Well anyway, to cut a long story short, by the time midnight rolled around everyone there except Stevie was stoned or blasted out of their minds. Stevie, being the straight laced individual he is, just sat by the fire and tried to keep himself from going home. All of a sudden, some-one thought it would be a good idea to spruce the fire up by throwing a glow stick into the flames.


    Those things explode as soon as they get hot.

    Of course, the only one to be sitting in front of the fire at the time was Stevie. With burning hot flurescent liquid eating into his skin he jumped up and started running off for the stream (about 100 yards away), shouting "help me, help me"

    Except the only people there able to help him were three stoners who were busy rolling about on the ground cos' it lloked like the mama predator alien had just had her period all over Stevie.
  5. ...wtf..:(
  6. poor setive ROFLMAO we use to break the glow sticks open and cover ourselves in them when we were at a rave but we never threw them into a hot fire n had them spalt all over the only sober guy LOLOLOL

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