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Just when ya think life is as pimp as can be

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TooSicKs, Jul 25, 2003.

  1. Something happens that makes it even more so. I went for a walk around tha block to get some cookies and i walked into the store. The owner was there, and as i was walking up to pay for my cookies she's like "take that hot dog with ya too" (there was a big plump jalapeno beef dog chillin' on tha grill) so I scored me a free dog. That actually happens quite often, i think because they all know i'm always stoned and got the munchies.

    I gotta give mad props to tha store too, cause it's like 20 feet from my front door, they got munchies, they give me free food, and all kinds of discounts, but not only that, they have a mad selection of rolling papers, always has screens in stock, both brass and steel, and has a big showcase full of all kinds of pieces. Small glass spoons, big ones, lil stone and clay stealth pieces, metal pipes for like $6, and they even carry Rizla Licorice papers. I'm surprised they don't sell bud, haha!

    But yeah, I rule!

  2. Nice, where do you live that theres headshops down the street?
  3. It's across the street, the back door faces my front door. I live up in a lil hippie town up in the mountians in the middle of nowhere.

  4. State and name of town?
  5. I still wanna know where TooSicks lives. I always read about it and it sounds cool. He never says though.
    What if I were like hey I wanna take a road trip there let's get together and chill, then would you tell?? I doubt it lol
  6. Yeah, it's pretty sweet here, and the store closes at 9, so i gotta plan too, but even if planning fails, circle k is open 24 hours and is like 1/2 mile up the hill.

    Hint: The only bomb ever dropped (in an act of war) on american soil during wartime landed in the town 5 miles south of my front door.

  7. sounds like someone actually gets to live the life of a stoner. Your like inspiration dude, you and your town! I don't think i could survive a life like that, i would never go to work, then again you got a hella-cool job too.
  8. There's a lot of hippies who live in town who don't work, some do the back to the earth thing, others work odd jobs, most are artists tho.
  9. mannnnnnn.... some day

  10. ditto
  11. I'am going to figure where he lives.

    Fucking I wish Gravy was here, hes like Sherlock Holmes!

    :: ponders ::
  12. I shall come live in that town when i found out were it is..............................maybe google can help me!!

  13. I've been trying to google it but I'm not sure I've figured it out yet. The only bombs I can figure that were dropped on US soil were the japanese balloon bombs. Several fell in wyoming and vermont, but that's jmore than just one bomb and I would think they were all acts of war.
  14. surely not pearl harbor......
  15. lol congrats on the hotdog!

  16. Hehe...
    I thought the same thing at first...
  17. The balloon bombs don't count because they weren't dropped, they just happened to land here. The bombs were dropped from an aircraft and are the only bombs to fall on MAINLAND America.

    I've indirectly told you all where i lived in one of my posts.


  18. Damn... got me stumped. Was it during WWII?
  19. You live 5 miles north of Brookings, Oregon???

    Apparantly other bombs were dropped too 20 days later, but they fizzled and have never been located...

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