just went macguver to the fullest

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Shabab, May 23, 2010.

  1. So I was leaving for my aunt's house and I had no time to get my weed from my stash spot. I put on pants that had a smull nug in them from yesterday, nothing else.

    Get to my aunt's, chill, then when everyones out i grabbed a coke can, rummaged through her needling drawer thing for a pin, and poked a hole with a bic pen. made a can pipe.

    then i searched the entire house for a lighter. it was in her husbands shirt drawer poking out from the stack of shirts. Lit up my nug and now i am quite high. cans really suck though, bongs are the sheeeeet. pulls in the air way too quickly :wave:

    oh also. i know it starts with mac but i keep thinking macgruber b/c that movie is on commercials. so i cant think of it at the moment. please forgive me.
  2. Good work.
  3. haha dude come on, just roll to the store and buy a blunt or some papers.

    i havnt done this shit since i was like 15.
  4. Nah fuck that lol, house is like 2 hr away from my usual house so i just wnet in the car with my parents

    felt accomplished though
  5. You had no piece so you made one out of a can? That's not MacGyver, if you made a pipe out of a banana peel and a tube of chapstick then lit it with the speaker on your television then THAT would be MacGyver.
  6. well i said macguver... could be mcgyvers younger brother
    also - who said i didnt make what you said?

  7. Good sir, I believe you have me by the balls. If I take that back would you mind at least loosening your grip?
  8. Agreed, that's a well-known emergency pipe
  9. next time roll some foil around the pen(tape it if available) ,slide off pen,bend 1"section at one end for bowl(bend acts as screen),pack bud into 1" section,light puff ,repeat,...best part it can be rolled up into ball if surprised while smoking & weed recovered later;)thats McGuyver...:D
  10. im from new zealand and can pipes are how most maoris (indigenous new zealanders) smoke their bud. its a shit way to do it but they do it all the time. also maoris are nowhere near as smart as macgyver.

  11. does NZ have laws like australia? like bongs are banned or some ish?
  12. laws in nz are pretty standard.
    weed is illegal.
    bongs and pipes aren't.
  13. Okay, as someone who is very, very frequently called the "mcgyver smoker" I think its safe for me to say that is not even slightly innovative, hard, and to be quite frank, cool. Sorry to say but I make awesome homemade pieces, I made a bong with a perculater from some two liter bottles, a few smaller sized gatorade bottles, a plastic cigar case, and some eletrical tape.
  14. Here is a bubbler I made in maybe 15 mins, just so I'm not called a liar

  15. Thanks bro :)

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