just watched the world news on a american news program!

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  1. ive just sat down and watched(i think it was cnn but i might be wrong)an american news program on cable tv and it was headline world news!but there was fuck all news about the world!it was all about the u.s.a!nothing about the rest of the world! it was all about industry and the economy etc in america! can anyone shine any light on this for me please?because it looked like to me that the media didnt wont to inform the u.s public about world affairs either that or the u.s public have no interest!please dont tell me that the americans think the u.s is the only country on the planet!na im not having that.most americans ive met have been outward friendly and intelligent ppl!:confused:
  2. No my friend. What you encountered is seriously what Americans are force fed by the day.

    Just know the pain of living over here and being one of the only people to see stuff for the bullshit it is. Our media is almost single handedly controlled, the government has plenty to do with what we watch, and companies control what we see and our told is real. Fucked up ain't it?
  3. so what u r saying is the u.s gov wants all of america to think the world is america? :confused:
  4. That and other things. How do you think our government continues to have ho-hum citizens that support the things it does?

    It twists media. It allows people to grow up thinking America is the most important country of its time and every other world concern is second. I suppose you'd have to live here to get the full effect of the brainwash torrent.

    Seriously where I grew up people would talk about how "we need to go ahead and drop a nuke on the middle east and make a parking lot." That quote comes from an old teacher of mine. A fucking teacher. I won't forget it. Spreading ignorance allows the government to do many things, breed hate and intolerance.
  5. Media is cyclic. They can only feed you what you're willing to eat. ;)
  6. The New World Oder in the air once again on mainstream media. Rupert Murdock must be stroking his cock today .
  7. Haha the globalists must be getting a little antsy in their pantsy

  8. Lol, I like that, New World Odor.

    Rockefeller: "And we must lay upon the earth the foulest stench man has ever known, so that 95% of the population may perish"
  9. QFT. The government does not control the media in this country, the American people do. Unfortunately many Americans were raised with a "USA! USA! USA!" kind of attitude so that's all they really want to hear about. You can break it down even further: Fox if for people who hate the left and the president, MSNBC is for people who hate the right and the former president, and CNN is for people who have man-crushes on Anderson Cooper :D
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    ...you mean the world doesn't end at our borders? :confused: :eek:

    EDIT: haha I just saw that last sentence :). It's not like we literally believe no other countries exist but American culture encourages a blind spot where other countries begin and ours ends.

    Americans live in a fantasy world where the only thing that matters is America. As long as it is feasible and profitable to perpetuate that fantasy the American media will.
  11. I watched some BBC news channel in Germany one time and there was hardly anything about the U.S....how do you like that

    The major story was that some cricket coach had been killed

    Is it really so inconceivable that a given country's news channel focuses on news relevant to said country? I mean, really
  12. fair enough, but to entirely focus inwardly and ignore happenings in the rest of the world? i mean, really.
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    There are nearly 200 nations in the United Nations. There are in the ballpark of 6,800,000,000 people on planet Earth. And you're surprised that one country with barely 5% of the world's population doesn't necessarily garner much news time when there's hundreds of other countries and billions of other people also doing things that are newsworthy each and every day? The US is a superpower but that doesn't mean each and every day something worth reporting around the world happens here.

    Couldn't say about their news broadcasts but if you go to their news website there's tons of content from all around the world.
  14. but the ? i asked was why did it say world news?when all it went on about was what was going on in the u.s.a? i remember that story about the cricket coach and yes as he was english/australian nationalty he was coaching pakistan and got killed for dodgey dealings(back handers off other international teams).he was also killed in jamaica when hes team was playing the west indes in a international contest! if that aint a report about world affairs then im sorry but i dont no what is! and u did say hardly anything about the u.s.a so ther for there must of been somthing about the u.s.a! i didnt mean to turn this into a my country is better than yours thing as was just asking a question!:D
  15. this answers my ? thanks.its a good job that the internet was invented! so that ppl like us can contact each other and share news and views! weve got the same type of ppl over here that still lead there lives thinking the uk still has a big empire and invented everything because of the industrial revolution and won the two world wars single handedly!!!!! same thing realy and weve got a generation coming up who i belive are going to be even more ignorant to world affairs! heres a good example for ya! i heard a teenage kid of about 17/18 ask who HITLER was!!!!!:confused:
  16. also over here we do have a class system(even though its not openly disscused) and it seems to me that if you come from a well off backround then its encoraged to keep up with world affairs and polotics and education etc and so there for we have a media industrey to cater for that certain news papers news channels etc but if you come from a working class backround then the opposite is encouraged and so we have news papers to cater for that and these so called news papers are just full of celebrity shit and ignorance towards forigners and right wing bullshit!!!:confused:
  17. It's all about filling a market niche.

    It's just economics! Nothing wrong with that. Who cares what the people need when you can give them what they want and they'll love you and give you money?
  18. Exactly. The majority of Americans don't travel overseas. (IMHO travel is discouraged with fear ... the news/propaganda says, "look at all the wars, terrorism, strife! Why would you ever want to leave the safety of your home?") I once met a guy who was 35 and had never traveled outside the state of Colorado. So sad.

    Their world view is small, so they give them a small world to view.
  19. i kinda disagree. I think once all of the cold war era people die off (i know it sounds terrible) there will be 6 billion pissed off people because the cold war era people fucked everything else up. I see the next 50-100 years as being very violent and revolutions in the superpowers.
  20. i see were u are coming from on that and also in away agree with u about the future! but hasnt that already happen many times in history? i mean we could all give plenty of exampels of how violent times have been through out history and also revolutions with in superpowers eg france was one of the superpowers at the time just before its revolution and so was russia differance from today is they were fudal superpowers with royal familys!but you are right about the cold war generation:D

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