Just watched "The Union"

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Stalageth, May 8, 2011.

  1. .... and my god they need to broadcast this shit at sporting events, voting booths, political events, police training camps, fuck it, EVERYWHERE, this video should be played. I honestly don't think there should be a household that doesn't own this movie.

    If anyone is trying to convince ANYONE that weed is a + and not a -, this is probably the most well put-together video showing everything about the plant from it's History and Agricultural benefits to the Harmful Effects (or should I say "lack of") and how the Government plays their part of keeping it illegal.
  2. it needs to be played in schools all throughout the world.
  3. yea we all know the union the business behind getting high is the SHIT.

    best movie ever.
  4. I should bring this to health class.
  5. couldnt agree more, i was literally on the edge of my seat the entire time, widened eyes and bong in hand.

    Great flick/documentary
  6. I watched it, it's so biased.. I don't get how a non smoker would change their minds after watching it.
  7. i fell alseep near the end lol

  8. as much as i hate to admit it, this is totally true... i had a buddy of mine who doesn't smoke watch it with me and his first reaction was " jeeze are they done sucking off marijuana yet? " made me feel bad the more i watched it because it literally comes across as one sided as shit.

    granted, it probably is 100% true but thats besides the point. just seemed like a giant hand-party for weed the whole video
  9. i feel its informative, not one sided. they dont really flame anyone, except when using quotes that politicians/law makers have used to talk about weed under informed.
  10. its a stoner-documentary what do you expect.?
  11. You could say it is biased but at the same time prohibition in general has been biased. The government has always had the cards in their hands and make it extremely difficult for anyone to get a rational point across. I guess people are fed up with playing nice. Also I feel this documentary is focusing on trying to get people to support legalization even if they don't smoke themselves. There are many people out there who believe in promoting human rights even if they choose not partake in the act itself.
  12. I think there are better documentaries about it, I just didn't find The Union as interesting as some of the others I have seen

  13. i love that guys canadian accent, and watermelon girl was in it, she is fine.
  14. Yay for propaganda!!!
  15. You should watch How Weed Won the West. I thought it was pretty cool.

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