Just watched Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas for the first time...

Discussion in 'General' started by buffEt, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. And what a trip haha. I haven't even come close to that trippy ass shit, but it was funny to watch and the parts of them tripping out against each other, I can relate to because of my first shroom experience haha. But yea nice movie and now I recognize a lot of avatars/sigs :D
  2. One of the greatest films of its time.

  3. sick movie pha sho
  4. now go watch where the buffalo roam
  5. The best of the best.
    HST is better than LSD.
  6. Better than Fear And Loathing IMO.
  7. I like when the pcik that kid up, and there tripping lol. Or when the guy is in the shower with ice and hes fucked up, lol:D We took uppers downers,
  8. Nooooo, fear and loathing is much better, but both are really good.

  9. Psht, get outa here Daphney :wave:.

    But yeh, I've got a similar trip to Fear and Loathing, Minus the mescaline...

    Start point: Ocean County, New Jersey.

    Destination: White Castle, On route 37.

    Estimated Time: T minus 15 minus.

    End point: Atlanta, Georgia about 2 days later...
  10. I have looked EVERYWHERE for that movie, no blockbuster in illinois or arizona has it.
  11. Idk why but i never really thought Fear and Loathing the movie was that great.. The book by Hunter S. Thompson is pretty good... but idk the movie just didnt do it for me.

    Waking Life is pretty good.. its an movie done in the same style as A Scanner Darkly and written by the same guy.. actually Scanner Darkly was pretty damn good too.
  12. Fel the same way when i first saw it

    I heard it talked about for a long time until i saw it, great movie. Funny too :smoke:

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