just wasted 2 hours

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  1. and a 1/4 tank of gas helpin someone else get an oz. i went to pick up the money from dude, he needs a ride to his car that's about five minutes from the bud so i'm like ok. first, we have to drive about five- 7 minutes out of the way first to his apartment allegedly to get money, but he came out about 10 minnutes later with a fucking dog that he took upon himself to put in my car without asking. then notifies me his keys are elsewhere.. a few minutes away. we drive there, but he has to stop at the atm to get money. then we go to the apt. where he drops off the dog and gets his keys, next a 30 minute drive to his car then i go to get the bud and he books it back up town so i gotta drive the otther half hour with HIS bud. he left a scale in my car and did not tell me.. would have been nice to know before i got home. the oz was 340 and weighed 28.9 i took .6 or so because i had a hunch, but he was none the wiser and his oz still weighed. well he did not say thanks, reimburse for gas, nothin. just bitched that he got 6 strains because they weren't separate then was like alright later and deuced... if he ever wants my help again an oz is 400:mad:

    edit- he even intends on selling this bud!!!! he doesn't smoke.
  2. stunts like this mean cut off for life
  3. either that or really really fuck with him, let him know that you did on purpose and teach him a lesson that he can't ever pull shit like this again.

    This one doucher who is kindof a friend, but also a really annoying smoker that nobody wants to deal with once called me more than 6 times in the 25 minute strectch of time while I was making his fucking pickup. He was rude and disrespectful on the phone because he was trying to impress some of his friends(who all think he is a joke anywyas and chill just because the man likes to smoke blunts) I'm small time so I need the clientel but I can't wait till he pulls this shit on a bigger dealer.

    I hope he just gets stood up in the harris teeter parking lot for 2 hours or something of that nature, would really teach him a lesson that this isn't fucking best buy.

    And we got the last laugh, after weighing it in front of him (which I do because I'm legit) my friend and partner goes let me bag this up for you. Proceeds to knock .3 off the scale in the process. He get out with .7 and we smoke the dank he paid for. That's right all that trouble over a fucking gram, what a douche nozzle.
  4. Fuck that. You should have taken that entire extra .9, then with his knowledge 1-2 grams on top of that. Around here, you help someone out like that you either get cash, grass, or ass(from the girlies).
  5. yea fuck that
  6. Weak, don't help him out again.

    haha @ the dog part though, what the fuck?
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    it doesnt REALLY fit this situation, but... this is why we can't have nice things!

    im thizzin.....

    edit- as for the dog... i don't know that was fucked up on his part yo im not trippin though fool me once.... you know the saying

    it's just bud so im not gonna be that pissy, and on oz is smalllllll posession so it's not like we were dealing with hard drugs or anyones' life is on the line. he's def. one to show off for the girlies though ha..
  8. there no way i would of done this lol i would ask for gas for a 10min drive i got a navigator drinks gas like nothing

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