just wanted to share some laughs wit ya..

Discussion in 'General' started by 6ganjaprincess9, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. soooo...i was browsing and came upon this website: fmylife.com
    some people have it way worse then others, and yet i laugh at all the bullshit they post..check it out.. :D
  2. Thanks!
  3. "i just spent 3 hours reading fmylife.com and now realize that i'm a pathetic fucking loser. fmylife."

    love it.
  4. my fav one "Today, I was doing a strip tease for my husband. He asked me to stop". That was great.

    Oh and Arkady are you from the natural state?
  5. Whats the natural state? I'm from Scotland aka the hub of civilization.
  6. i believe its arkansas, US
  7. I've browsed the site before. There are some pretty funny ass entries on there. There's also this site "Group Hug" with the same basic principles.
  8. I'm very curious why "I love weed smoke" might have believed i was from the natural state, care to enlighten me weed smoke?

  9. The name ArkLady. Ark is a prefix for Arkansas. I live in arkansas so i guess it was just hopeful jumping. Sorry. Also ill be in Ireland and all the surrounding area this summer. If you feel comfortable then you should find me so i can blaze some out of country shit.

    That answer your qeustion Lady?
  10. I'm no lady, please re-consider my name which is in fact 'ArkADY', ireland is just outside of my smoking range what with it being a seperate country with a different currency and language and all but if you ever come to scotland *which you should* then I would be honoured to smoke with you. They do have good weed in ireland but scotlands just generally better and I say that as somebody who is of mixed irish / scottish descent.
  11. oh shit man my bad. Just read shit a lil to fast. :( once again my bad. Well ill be jumping around and will have my laptop on so ill be posting updates. If im around you then yell at me.

    Once again my bad for the lady thing
  12. Lol, this website is awsome. There were a couple tha really stood out to me.

    Today, on campus, these really overly-happy people walking around with big signs saying "free hugs". When I walked towards them, their smiles faded, and they put their signs down. FML

    ^^^Made me lol.
  13. Everyone seems to be going to ireland lately... the smoke scene aint so good if you don't know anyone its pretty much all hash and only soap bar untill you get a decent hook up
  14. theres already a very recent thread about this

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