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Just wanted to see how it looked

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TrippieJ81, Oct 23, 2002.

  1. LOL I just wanted to see how my sig pic would look in my posts.

    What do you guys think?

    Trippie J
  2. looks like a red X in a box, pretty fancy ;)
  3. here is what I see.

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  4. that looks tight on your screen but on mine i just see a red x in a square
  5. Red X in a box.
  6. i see like the pic in a lil grasscity setting inside your post. i think, no, I know, Im right. right? but thats all I was concerned with seeing others comments...Ill be back to talk about the pic later...if I can see it
  7. How about now? is it visible? I know how to use vb code and it shows just fine for me. Could be its hosted at geocities. Some one please reply asap if u see something.

    Trippie J
  8. Big red X in a box.
  9. Red x in a box, TrippieJ...maybe we're all just too stoned to see it...well, maybe not cause I see it in that one post and it's pretty freakin' cool but as far as just in a normal post...nope, can't see it!!!!
  10. The x is the same, the box just got bigger
  11. i love that timre right after a certain number of hits or whatever, when you think for just a split second "am i high"..and then..BAM~~~~ you know you are.
  12. hey TrippieJ, u gotta upload the pic on the internet first, then create a link to the one online. the reason why u see it and we don't is because the picture is linked to u're computer. Either that or eveyones trippin and sees that pretty red X.

  13. Yeah I know what you mean. I always put my face in a serious pensive mode and when I make the realization I smile in pothead glee. Just like xplicits avatar.
  14. Poor TrippieJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nope...still can't see it!!!!!!
  15. Hrmm I msged SJ last night and he told me what I though was wrong in the first place. Could someone please tell me if they see it now? Thanx yall for the caring ::sob:: RMJL thanx your right poor trippie. LMMFAO

    Trippie J.
  16. i wanna touch mary janes butt.
  17. Nope, not yet, but keep trying.
  18. Do it, Norm!!!

    TrippieJ...never give up hope...keep trying. I have faith that we will all one day see the picture in your signature. We'll each have a magnificent epiphany and all will be well with the world. :)

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