Just wanted to say how much I love The Attitude!!

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  1. I truly hate hearing all of the hard times my fellow GC'er's have had with different seed banks. I started out with The Attitude and have not found even the smallest reason to take my business somewhere else. I have ordered from them 3 times. 1st time was just for some singles. 5 in total. The second was for a 5pk of LR#2 and 3 free seeds. This last was for Diesel Ryder fem, 60 day wonder fem and my freebies.

    Sadly due to an escape convict in my area I tore the last batch of plants up. The amount of city state and feds that were around were too much for me.

    Each time, I've gotten my seeds safe and sound, 2-3 weeks after I ordered. NO missing seeds, NO customs problems. I've never had a reason to deal with them in a "customer service" situation, but I believe that's a good thing.

    VIVA LA ATTITUDE!!!!!!:hello:

  2. Yeah attitude is a good seed bank I just got my seeds after like 5 days from ordering.
  3. sounds like someone has an attitude problem! LOL

    getting your beans siezed or snatched by a greedy postal worker is out of ANY seedbank's control. i had 4-5 quick orders with doc and my last one went missing, but i'm sure it wasn't doc's fault.

    attitude has been 2 for 2 with me so far.

    you really SHOULD read the legit seedbanks sticky. no one ever does though
  4. I love Attitude too!! Seedboutique, Singleseedcentre, Hempdepot and few more too!! Like mentioned already by Master Pokernaut, most nondelivery problems are likely due to post. Singleseedcentre sent me a package a while back that never came????? Funny thing was I had it shipped guaranteed and could track the post. It got to the U.S., but not to me. They promptly reshipped. Had they not shipped it that way I'd have thought i was ripped off by the sender. I use whoever has the seeds i want.:wave:
  5. Where are you ordering from?

    2-3 weeks seems like a long time compared to 4-10 days shipping ive heard from others.

  6. That's what I did......I read the legit seed banks thread......there was just so much positive feedback on Attitude that I figured why go anywhere else.....I got my first shipment from them 2 days ago!!!! I doubt I'll even try a different place....NO MORE BAGSEEDS FOR ME!!! :yay:
  7. one HAS TO shop at more than one bank if one wants to get specific varieties, C99 has been the most interesting sounding indoor strain to me since i first learned about it a couple years ago in my search to never have to smoke anything that doesn't have any couchlock at all, but that isn't a giant sativa either although it seems i can only get both trippy AND energetic in a pure sativa as you can only get one trait or the other in any indoor strains.

    until mr greengenes recently started offering his tweaked & feminized C99s, the only place you could get the strain was hempdepot and if you want males, that's still the only game in town unless you use an auction site. i don't trust those for shit, especially when a strain you know originally sold for $40 is going for fucking $300 there! ebay can kiss my ass too after only a couple bogus purchases.

    attitude is fine by me as i've gotten both of my orders well packed and with a nice variety of freebies & their monthly giveaways, but they don't carry every breeder in existence nor does any other bank. if you were ever interested in nirvana's cali-o, haze 19 x skunk & nirvana special (jock horror x oaxican) strains, you can probably only get those at seedboutique as they are discontinued now. i found out that's why attitude doesn't have those when i asked.

    i think you can actually get the nirvana special through sativa seeds at attitude though under the name royal flush which pretty much gives the same genetics except the oaxican is called their el dorado and it's supposed to be a sister company of nirvana. i've been meaning to ask if it's the same strain for some time now. normally i bet a nickel on things i'm not sure of, but i'd better a dollar on this one.
  8. i got mine today,
    btw whats the round amber pellets on top of the breeder pack?

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