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  1. So today I woke up and called up my friend who had a 30 sack. He said he would smoke me out so we agreed to meet at the usual spot, the fence.
    I get there and he's not there. But I DO see a guy I know, layin on the ground passed out. I go up to him and ask him what he's doin, and he just goes "watsup mike? I got some Vanilla Vodka, wanna get drunk?" He was already pretty drunk, but I took the bottle that had about 1/4 of the vodka left and drank it. Now I was pretty drunk cuz I'm a lightweight (I've only been drunk once or twice before). So my friend I was supposed to meet still isnt here, but he lives about a block away. So me and this drunk kid walk up the street and right when were about to knock on his door, I see him through his window and he's motioning us to go away. His mom was probably home and he probably didnt want his mom to see that we were drunk out of our minds, so I tell this kid that we've gotta go back. He's so drunk, he just collapses and falls on this kids mom's car (a 2005 BMW X5) and makes a hellava racket, so I just decided to book it. I do, and this kid comes stumblin about 2 minutes later. Anyway, I ended up finding out that the kid I got drunk with hasnt been home for a few days, and his mom has been calling EVERYONE looking for him. Also, he made a BIG fuckin dent in the car, so that kid is fucked. I ended up having to go home, and when I left this kid was passed out once again in the same spot I found him. Anyway, thats what happend and I just thought I should share it all with everyone. So I came wantin to get high, and ended up gettin drunk! Crazy times.
  2. lol gone for 3 days and passed out when they found him.
  3. Man who leaves their friend twice?
  4. yea seriously I thought it was common sense to help out your friends, but guess not.
  5. Hahah, Sound like some hood shit.

    Good story, I liked it.

  6. Just to let y'all know, he wasn't my friend, I just KNOW him. Also, I had to be gettin home, and the kid was beligerant so I really dont think I could have done much for him. I dont ditch people like that, but when I got things to do, I got things to do.
  7. tru nuf.
  8. do his parents care or whatever

    if they do there gunna be feeling like there losing there son to the alcohalic world.
    in 15 years hell be saying

    Im not an alcohalic. an alcohalic is a AA member
    IM A DRUNK!!!!
  9. hahaha awesome
  10. i rather get than drunk, but that shit must have been crazy.:smoking:
  11. NEWS: I recently found out that his mom found him in the same spot I had to leave him in. He was passed out and his mom took him to the hospital!! (even though he really didn't need it, he was just really drunk). Man, I need to talk to him though and just let him know that he needs to tone it down a little on the drinking.
  12. man u need to get him in AA, before he turns into a drunk, who he beats his family and ruins his life! pass him a bag of weed :")
  13. doesnt sound like a voilent drunk to me. :cool:

    they dont all have to turn into wife beating fuck-ups

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