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  1. Last night I had a HUGE security breach. While I was inside, my father said that there was someone walking out in the swamp behind our house. First off, the swamp is a bitch to walk through, and second I have quite a few plants back there. One of the locations requires you to cross several down trees so you don't slip into the black muck. I thought the guy wouldn't take the effort to cross all the trees and go through the muck but I was wrong,

    Anyways This morning I woke up and went out to check on the plants to water/ fert them. One behold I found a set of size 11 boot treads in the swamp. Heading towards the trail I use to get to a few gardens. The person just went through the muck. The trail breaks off in a few places.

    So I get to my first garden and his foot tracks ALL over around the plants, what surprised me though was they were not cut or anything done to them.

    I don't want to drag this on but today I had to relocate 26 3' plants from all the holes I dug earlier and prepared with blood/bone to crappy holes that I had no time to really dig out. On the trips I broke 2 stems so I wrapped those girls up.

    I almost gave up and Cut ALL of them.

    Sorry for this rant
  2. things like this happen from time to time i suppose, hence the name guerilla grower, it really sketches you out when something like this happens, good luck man:smoke:
  3. Sorry to hear that man. Try to find 1 or 2 really good spots and redo the holes well ( with less ferts for time) or pots for the plants that are still good. You did right not to kill them although I also wanted to do that with mine not growing this year. The broken stem sin't a pb for those 2 if you skotchtaped them. Good luck. This shit can happen. But were the plants visible? If they were it was bound to happen. Rippers will go through anything if they have a hint that a grow is there. At least it wasn't the cops or at the end of the season.
  4. The plants were hidden well. Its just that the guy who I believe saw them used to live next to me and is an avid outdoorsman/hunter.

    A new start for my plant though:cool:
  5. If thats the case why did your father not say"Hey, I saw our old neighbor out in the swamp"?

    I think you did right as well with moving them. Better safe than sorry. And now that he knew they were their more than likely he wouldve returened in full bloom.

    Stay safe.

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