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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by skinhead zack, Oct 28, 2003.

  1. Hello all, my names skinhead zack. Im new here and would just like to say hi. im not racist, acctuly im part jewish and my step sister is black, so theres not much left i can hate on (except concervatives, i hate concervatives). well thats about all i have to say, hasta.

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  2. I don't know what to say.

  3. I do: Welcome to the city.

    And I'm moving this to Introduce Yourself :D
  4. Welcome to the city..
  5. if you're a skin, what kind of music do you listen to? I like old stuff like Unity! and older agnostic front.. most skins seem to dig that shizz

    welcome to gc
  6. welcome to the city :D!

    humboldt??? u live in canada by chance?
  7. Welcome. I just wanted to point out to everyone that underneath all the hair, we're all skinheads!

    But like I always say...
  8. Oi skin. Welcome, that's rad, the more the better. :)
  9. So no one finds it weird that he's not racist, yet he's a skinhead?
  10. how about i give all of you a little background history on the skinhead culture

    In the 50's a bunch of Jamacian rude boys (poor kids, listened to ska and dance hall) moved to England. A bunch of rich trendy kids called Mods started doing their own version of the rude boys thing. Well a lot of the poor dock workers liked the music too, but they didnt have the money for mod suits and mopeds so they took a harder, more working class look (boots, suspenders (or braces as i like to call them), shaved heads) these were the first skins. When punk rock hit in the 70's a band called Sham 69 came out with their first album, which was a more street oriented kind of punk, they dubbed it Oi!. Than the National Front recruited a few knuckle head skins to fight their non-existant wars. One of these skins appeared on geraldo so now everyone thinks skins are racist. Skinheads arent racist and racists are skinheads, their boneheads (no, seriously, thats the name they like to call each other).

    Well maybe that will clear up the confusion for a few of you. No, i don't live in Canada, i live in Del Norte county, its in northern cali about 10 minutes from humbult and right on the oregon border. I like most all punkish music (except for MTV shit) and i am acctuly a huge johnny cash fan (RIP). Well its good to see such a nice response, i hope to be posting all about this place pretty soon, now you all have a nice day

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