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Discussion in 'General' started by Escape The Fate, Oct 1, 2006.

  1. Say you were going to day - had a couple hours to live

    Theres a table full of every drug and any dosage

    Would you try a new drug for the first time or enjoy a drug you love for the last time?

    What would it be?

    I'd take a whole bunch of percocets, like 16 perc 10's , I mean im gonna die anyways..

    weird question probably might sound dumb
  2. i've never experienced outside marijuana so i'd take every thing on there. i'd imagine an interesting reaction/death.
  3. if im going to die anyway, I would either eat like 6 hits of acid, smoke a bowl, and eat a solid ounce of shrooms, or get like an ounce of coke and just OD.
  4. id probably start out by rolling a ton of joints to last me thru the whole time, then id slowly work my way thru all the drugs. start with a tab of acid and a handful of mush, start snorting a few lines while smoking joints. chill for a while, drink a bit till im feeling all sorts of crazy from the combo. then just before i was about to go, shoot up a bunch of herion, so im feeling the best ive ever felt just before i die.
  5. nuff said
  6. id go with like 3 or 4 E pills and a few hits of acid
  7. I should gobble an 1/8th of shrooms, a couple of E, a tab of LSD and a couple of lines of coke and a whole bunch of pre-rolled joints, as i dont think i would be up for rolling.

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