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    Ok so i want to just try a quick indoor grow nothing fancy, just a real quicky. i dont need the NICEST plants. I want to know the ABSOLUTE minimum for lights, light duration for vegitation , flowering. I also dont need that much bud id be glad to get a little, this is just to try it out if this goes alright (i dont plan to get worlds best plants) but if it does alright i will slowly move to a more upscale grow, thanks in advance to any help :smoke: Oh and also the smaller the plant is when it comes to harvest THE BETTER.
  2. You haven't gotten any answers yet because you are asking the completely wrong questions. There is no absolute minimum, because it depends on what your goal is. Could you find a bare minimum of light that keeps a plant alive but doesn't yield anything? Probably, but what would be the point?

    Even if you want to grow small, you should be asking what is the most you can do within your constraints, not the least. Good growers don't strive for the lowest yields, so they haven't perfected the science of it.

    There is a sub-forum in the Indoor section on micro grows, look around in there.

  3. COMPLETELY agree.

    I also want to add that you're definitely going to want to go the cfl route given that it seems like you don't want to put much into the grow. Make sure you research cfl lumens and whats needed per square foot. Also check which strain you're using. Google the strain and see what the bitch likes so she'll put out real nice for ya come flower.

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