Just voted. Do you vote? Why or why not?

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    Just got back from voting. California resident. I vote because too many people in the world can't. We are lucky that we have the right to vote or even more that our vote isn't rigged. I vote independent when I can, but the most important vote to me is the propositions. Actually directly voting for policy. That's what I like. Why do you choose to vote, or if you don't, why not. Viva La Secular Democracy
  2. Yes I vote for the propostions too. There is an iniative on this year's calif. ballot to reduce mandatory minimum sentences for non violent crimes. I think that System of a down is backing this iniative up.
    Most of the politicians can go to hell lol..
  3. The main reason I voted in this election is because FL has MMJ on the ballot.

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