Just Vaped for the first time.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Nathan, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. Ok I made a vape and used it for the first time vaping anything ever. I have a head high and no body high. Whitch is funny because when I smoked this it was the opposite. My lungs feel great, and I don't look high at all. I could see going out, to parties, to work or even at school like this. I'm barley tired and I'm guessing people wouldn't know I'm high right now. In some ways it's better than smoking, some ways it's worse. I really like hybrid 50 50 indica sativa blends. And I feel no body high right now. So I'm a little iffy about vaping again but maybe if I get a better strain I'll have a more "equal" high. Wow I barley remember what I just typed lol.
  2. haha yeah i know what your sayin, i feel like that when i vape. i feel like im more clear minded and awake but im still hella keyed at the same time. And about going to school after vaping, i used to do that all the time, cuz of that same exact reason
  3. thats exactly how i was also...until a half-an-hour later in which i was just completely blazed
  4. My iolite gives me a great body high, but it sneaks up on you like a motherfucker.
  5. It stayed at a head high all night, never went to my body.
  6. Vaping is great :D

    I have been vaping for almost a year now, and I never use my bong alone anymore. What little odor vaping produces evaporates almost immediately. It doesn't smell up your clothes. It doesn't effect your lungs, you feel like a non-smoker essentially. It takes half or less Cannabis. You can pipe the vaped air through a bong, which is just awesome regardless of benefits.

    Yay for vaping!
  7. to be honest i rather smoke a blunt
  8. Most of the body high is from the toxins in the smoke. You could try a higher indica plant and see if that does it for you. I feel a decent body high when I go for bud that has a higher CBD composition, although certainly not as strong as smoke.
  9. Blunts.
  10. I love vaping! I know what you mean about it being less of a body high, but I can usually feel it most distinctly in my arms. They feel so good. Haha.
  11. Body highs go in perfect combbo.
  12. I have never vaped before. I own a bong, bowl, and a bubbler and when i am with friends we usually just smoke joints so i really have never had a reason to try vaping but i really want to.:bongin:
  13. Welcome to the club!

    Vaporizing is the shit, it's what I do almost exclusively these days. It is a lot easier on the lungs, it's a more clear high and it lasts longer.

  14. lower temps = only head high

    higher temps = head + body high
  15. Yeah from what i have heard from people, its wicked nice and smooth i can't wait to try it out.:smoke:

  16. It comes from the canabinoids that vape at a higher temperature. Different amounts and types of canabinoids are what give different weed different highs.

  17. That is true as well, but you can vape near combustion to obtain most of the other CBD's. You can not ignore the toxin factor though.

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