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Just used my MFLB....

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by BlackFlag, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. I just used my Magic Flight Launch Box for the first time since July. Holy Shit, I forgot what I have been missing.

    The taste is perfect. The taste is exactly like what the weed smells like.

    It is so sneaky. I am sitting in my room, door wide ass open, getting blazed.

    I <3 the Magic Flight Launch Box
  2. Compared to a bong how high did you get, how much did you smoketo get zooted
  3. Was your window open or did you use a sploof? I live at home with strict as fuck parents did they notice or have they ever?
  4. Ordered mine a couple days ago, it'll come in soon. Never vaped before, we'll see what all the hype is about. :smoking:

  5. It is hard to compare because it is a different type of high, and I also smoked an apple pipe a little after. Every time I use the MFLB, I only use about 0.2g

  6. Nah man, just chilled in my bed watching TV. It involved zero smoke, zero smell, completely incognito. Like some James Bond type of shit

  7. "Like some James Bond type of shit"
    dun noeeeee
  8. Sweet mine just arrived at my friends house (strict ass parents) tosay im gonna pick it up tomorrow it feel s like Christmas eve as a kid again
  9. Tell me about it when get your hands on it
  10. I want to get one in a few say I could smoke it in the bathroom at work or school no problem right?

  11. Do it all the time
  12. What do you keep it in at school/work doesnt it reek?
  13. I read that if you hold it in longer it wont smell
  14. Awwwsssooommeee I'm going to be high for t rest of my life
  15. I keep mine in the box it came in and there is no smell.
  16. There can be a smell I've found it's best to use a sploof
  17. There is not a smell at all
  18. I found mine to be very smelly I used mine at about 8 and picked some friends up at 10 an instantly they all said it smelled. I had previously removed all my bud and the vape from the car before spraying fabreeze and rolling the windows down. Am I doing something wrong?
  19. Love the mflb. I have taken it to a movie theater and hit it while in the theater. If its not a strong smelling strain it gives off almost no smell! Great for daytime
  20. Invest in the power adapter

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