Just turned 18, please unban my acct.

Discussion in 'General' started by user10000, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. Hey idk where to post this or whatever, sorry. But a few months ago i got banned cause i didnt know you had to be 18 to post and i said i was 17. Well i turned 18 Nov 12th but for some reason a mod banned me until december 12th. anyways if a mod sees this my acct name is "the jw toker" . thank you
  2. Pm junkiedays or rmjl
  3. won't happen probably, just make a new account or use this one
  4. Hold up bro, opening modmenu.exe
  5. good to have you back. just wait till december
  6. He who must not be named is striking back with revenge in a month, be warned community BE WARRRRRRRRRRNED.
  7. Welcome back to the city man
  8. Man, that sucks dude. They just upped the age to 25 the other day.

  9. r u joek
  10. Isn't there a rule about multiple accounts to surpass a ban? Which is exactly what he's doing, lol.
  11. im not doing it to surpass a ban dumbass...im doing it because whoever banned me mustve accidentally did it the wrong date. Jeesh... eh fuck it anyways
  12. Now, now, no need for name-calling. You're a man now; act like it! :smoke:
  13. Ban set for 6 extra months in favor of the defendant.

    Case closed. Goodbye.
  14. you guys....
    are some real mcassholes lol

  15. im still safe!

  16. There guys all us fucking college kids that make up 85% of the population!
  17. y not email the Mod.!

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