just tryin to make a dolla

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by theodorestyles, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. hey gc, mr styles here. as a first time grower i find myself in a bind with a few questions. i hacve 4 sprouted seeds.in two eight inch pots when to transfer?. when should i start addings ferts.? whats the best recomended. i have a 1000 watt hps bulb when can i put them under that?. they are growing under a 40watt cfl at the moment when will then not suffice anymore?. how do regulate a temp and humidity ina frickin closet .
  2. most ppl here aren't in it for the dolla...

    read some grow guides

  3. Tell ya what - pay me, and I'll help ya.... brutha over here could use a dolla. :D
  4. No talk of selling here on GC, it's against forum rules.
  5. Try looking around the forum and reading threads before you make a post of 100 basic questions.
    After you have researched then come back and specify
  6. Yes, read the stickies, that is what they are for.

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