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  1. I suppose I like living a more exciting and surprising life. My mom has made it very easy for me to stay home and go to a night law school, but I want to get involved in CA's MMJ Programs there is hella opportunity in LA for that. Plus, I can go to the same law school in LA, just a different campus. Anyway, my will versus hers. I'm just afraid of something I don't know what. But what do you guys think? Is moving to LA and doing some MMJ work worth it? I suppose I could do the same type of thing where I"m living now, but I do have a very lucrative job in LA. Move to LA and work, or stay home for free where I don't have to work.

  2. try and hang on to that opurtunity and stay at home and enjoy your youth. once you get out in the world you loose a certain thing, kinda like ur virginity and the view of the world.
  3. You probably don't feel something right because you're seeking approval, which is not what you're getting.

    If I could do it again man, I'd stay at home longer. I moved out the second I could, regretted it. You won't always have a mom around, cherish those moments.

    Just my .02, get your education THAN pursue your career. You might change your mind in law school.

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