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Discussion in 'General' started by irajamaun, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. So i have needed to bitch for a while now. why not here on Grasscity?

    I was just thinking that if there is something that has been bothering you, about whatever, just post it here. Rant your heart out, there's plenty of virtual space for everybody.

    Anyway, here's my rant.

    So people make me feel inadequate.
    See, i'm smarter than most of the people I know. and that is difficult, because I act condensing towards them when I talk. It's not like I try to do it, but I just do, because when they say something i feel like I could say it better, or think of something smarter. Its stupid, i know, because people do have things to offer, they don't deserve extra shit from me, and they are sure as hell better than me at many things, and smarter than me at many other things. I know people are my equals and i still treat them like shit.

    I have difficulty enjoying the company of other people. and it shows. me and somebody else are having a chill time and then I think about something and I look at them and I wonder "why am I talking to you?" even when I need them to talk to me, to be part of my life.

    And I really am alone. All through my life I have been, and its been bothering me. and I have trouble working my way through my sexuality. Anyway, I recently met this chick. We had a connection, we liked eachother and all that, but she had a bf. So we stopped, because I was getting in the way. and I was alone again. It makes me feel like shit, because she was the only person I ever had in this world.

    I'm a good listener, but people don't really want to hear what I have to say. When i talk, it's usually pointless and slightly incoherent, just babbling.
    and when my ideas are coherent, it's because I thought about them. and when i think about things, I use my smartness.
    But here's the other problem. Although I may be smart, I'm not half as smart as other people. I don't really have any knowledge. So the ideas are not only wrong, but they are stupid as well. My logic is sound, but directed in the wrong way, and when it isnt sound my idea makes me seem even more stupid. My smartness is the the only thing i'm good at, and when people are smarter than me i feel inadequate.

    there is no need to post here. nor is there a need to reply to other peoples posts. But if you do post, remember, NO JUDGEMENTS.

    Who are you to judge if you don't live in the other person's shoes?

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