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Just tried it for the first time...nothing really happened...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Darkest, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. Well I think I had some problems.

    I had been lighting the lighter with my thumb, and like one time I almost burned I switched to my index.

    But when I'm holding the ligher over the bowl my index gets really hot and the flame goes by it..I don't want my finger to burn!

    And then I inhale it...all of the smoke like disappears, because I breath out and there isn't any smoke or anything...only RIGHT when I stat inhaling.

    My eye also gets really hot cause the bowl is like short and it feels like my eye will somehow catch on fire!

    Plus I'm in my room nervous about!
  2. tried what?
    you sound like a crack head already
  3. shit has me rollin!!!!
  4. you sound high

    whats your problem? can't light a lighter?

    and if you hold a hit for a while not much smoke comes out. thats not a bad thing.

    i don't know what to say other than have fun. you will always remember your first time.
  5. haha sounds like some lighter angle troubles... I don't know what to tell you other than have fun. :D
  6. comment...
  7. dude don't smoke in your room! go outside man! your gna stink up the place...and when u light the lighter put it in on the weed and inhale, the flame will be sucked into the bowl and then u can let it go out. best thing to do for begginers is just suck in the smoke, then without exhaling, take another breat h of fresh air, then exhale.
  8. You must have a really short pipe eh?

    And it doesnt sounds like your inhaling hard enough.
  9. Since your pipe is short lean your head backwards and smoke like that.

    Make shure your actually inhaling-- When you have the smoke in your mouth take a deep breath. Could you post pictures of your cannabis so we can make sure you didn't get ripped off?
  10. some advice and some flaming just to keep it balanced: -

    you have to suck on the pipe at the same time as lighting the weed or it wont light

    and as for how to hold the fucking lighter - if you are that retarded that you can't work a lighter without burning yourself then you probably should be in care or something
  11. :laughing:

    Couldn't have said it better myself.
  12. Lol my friend was like this when he first started..he would always ask me to light his bowl for him lol. Just make sure only your thumb is on the lighter and its kept far away from the flame and you'll be okay.
  13. Dam, id never though someone would be on this forum, and the start smoking.
    Guess people want to do there research now. Back in the day, if it got us high we did it!
    Dam we were stupid!
  14. hold the lighter sideways if you dont want to burn yourself.
  15. damn man you never used a lighter before?
  16. No, I've never used a lighter before. This is my first time ever smoking anything. I do mean weed though.

    It just really hurts my fingers lol.

    So I just put the flame over, then inhale all I can and then what? Release carb and keep inhaling?
  17. You got it.... If your friends are cool, like me, they will light your bowl no problem and its good because they dont get pissed about you taking all the green or anything ;)

    but seriously, just get a bic or something when you are out of class and just sit there and train your thumb, then work on turning the flame upside down and not burning yourself so you get the hang of it.... and dont worry after you are high enough, you will probably burn your self just out of being fucked up.

    Yeah and dont over do the hit.... when you smoke, when you feel your throught tingle, thats probably a good time to release the carb and clear it... then hold it in your LUNGS not throught, and wait 6 second then repeat...
    enjoy man
  18. yeah man, just hold the ligher / flame to side of the bowl, slowly start inhaling the smoke, then when you think u got a good enough hit, let go of the carb and inhale slowly until the smoke is cleared. then just hold. and blow :) happy tokin.
  19. sounds like my friend he was holding the bowl out trying to light the weed on fire. haha. but yea. lil nose burners can be a pain but i miss mine... dropped it haha. well good luck man. let us know how ur first high goes! mine was amazing
  20. practice...sometimes it takes a few times to get the hang of everything before you get high...
    maybe try a different lighter....just practice dont give up already ...when you finally get it right it'll be amazing!

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