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Just tried for the first time...typical?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Darkest, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. So I finally got to try it in my backyard...I ended up not getting high, but idk?

    When I inhaled like all of it, the part of my throat that's behind your mouth just like hurt so bad!

    So I just exhaled very quickly because my throat was like really hurting so bad!

    It still is irritating me lol.

    So is your throat suppose to like hurt?
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    Lungs aren't really meeant to inhale smoke particles. So yes it will hurt at first , but as you smoke more you will get used to it. Also most peopledont get high the first time, 2nd or 3rd try and you should feel something. Always keeps cold drink around while smoking incase your throat starts getting irritated
  3. also try to get it deeper than your thoat too, get it all all the way in your lungs
  4. for me my first time i didnt not get high but i didnt get super high either there was just something different about everything...
    but yea that sounds pretty typical:smoke:
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    Get some water or something for when your throat hurts. It will hurt since you new to smoking, just wait it out and keep the smoke in your lungs(inhaling more clean air after you took a drag from the joint or watever you are smoking from to get it down to your lungs) for like 10seconds then exhale. Listen to some music afterwards and Enjoy :D.
  6. yeah it probaly will, if you cant handle it, spray some cepacol or something in the back of your throat.
  7. It only takes a couple of seconds for the tch to settle in your lunges when you inhale. Holding in the smoke for longer than that will just kill some brain cells because of lack of oxygen.

  8. HaHa the 1st time I Smoked i got super high me and my cousins bought 2 g's there was 3 of us we didnt kno how much to smoke we thought it was like Cigs's we killed all of it 2 fat ass blunts i have to say 1st time i got high was the best fucking high i ever had !
  9. just try to take real small tokes...

    I remember when I first started I tried to rip like my friends, and I'd just be coughing my lungs away...

    so I started just real small tokes and made sure I breathed in air after I hit the piece to force the smoke down.
  10. Yeah I also smoked alot rediculus fat J's when I just started smoking :p
  11. I consider myself a pretty experienced smoker but I always try to have a drink on me when I smoke. I don't always need it, but i'm always grateful for it if I get cottonmouth or if a hit hurts my throat. There's nothing worse than smoking with a dry, sore throat.
  12. You could also try to find a bong with an ice catcher to make it a little smoother and less irritating on your throat.
  13. well from what I have read 6-8seconds is what it takes to get most of the THC
  14. its most definitely 3-4 seconds.
    6-8 and you're just hurting your lungs for minuscule amounts of thc.
  15. take a LITTLE hit of bud then suck in a bunch of air. then another SMALL hit, then more air. rinse & repeat

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