Just transplanted up to 5 from 2. Watering question

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  1. Hi guys,

    I have some 45 day old vegging girls that I just transplanted into 5gal rain science smart pots. They were potted up from 2 gal plastic pots. I’m using a 60/40 coco perlite mix. The root system was very well developed and the transplant was a breeze. After transplant I watered till about 10 percent runoff. Here it is the next day and they’re not soaked by any stretch, but the pots still have some weight to them and the coco is still dark colored. My question is should I give them another day or two to dry out a bit?, or should I just continue my daily waterings like I was doing before I potted up? Room environment is 74-76 RH 55-65 plenty of air movement. Any input would be great!

    Thanks guys
  2. I learned that the best way to water is when you see first signs of wilting, sad droopy leaves. Now I'm outdoors and have to water daily in 5 gals.
  3. Always water to run off at least once a day in coco mate. Give them a wet dry cycle and the nutes will return to salt form, build up and effectively boil the pot. Can see it by checking the ppm of the run off.
    Make sure the whole pot gets a good drenching every day so you don't get any hot spots.
    Absolutely 100% do not wait for wilt to water them. Might be good for soil growers I don't know but that's the worst possible thing you can do to plants in coco. Will fuck em right up.
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  4. Water every day

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