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Just Transplanted To Final Pot

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Strange99, Nov 20, 2019.

  1. I just finished transplanting my little ones to their final pots and was hoping for some advice from the experts. I have photos below. After transplanting to Roots Organic Original Soil (Which is Soiless, go figure) I watered them each with about 3 liters of water only.

    They have been consistently around 77F and 50 - 70% rH. Do you recommend I keep them at this temperature range, or should I change it?

    I have two of my three qb's running at 50W each, which is what they have been under for the past 4 days. The lights are at 20" each (4 plants with two different heights). Is this too bright for their size after a transplant?

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. You need a meter to gauge the light, no one can tell from just looking. I've been using a Dr. Lux meter, but there are better meters designed to measure the ppfd more accurately for LED lighting. Plants look good, might want to start training them though.
  3. From what I understand Lux doesn't tell you anything helpful about plants and light. I could be wrong, but ive read that 100 times elsewhere.

    I want to top these guys, but i'm not sure where to cut and when. These plants aren't growing symmetrically like I would expect. It seems like they are growing a branch out to the left, and then at the next node, one to the right, then one to the left at the next node. I'm lost, lol.
  4. If my lux meter says 10, 000 there is not enough light and if it reads 80 000 then there is too much. Its a measure of photo-intensity, so yes its very helpful to have one. At first I thought, did I just waste money? I will probably only use this one or two times... but I was wrong. I use the meter quite a bit to set the light intensity. You can use a calculator to determine the ppfd from lux reading. Also, there's a phone app that converts your phone into a lux meter, I've not tried though, but its free at least, and can give you an idea of luminosity at least.

    How to train plants? You don't necessarily need to cut, but nevertheless, have a look here
    How To SCROG

    Other methods include LST, mainlining, and manifold techniques that are all worth looking into. Even just supercropping can really benefit your plant.
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  5. I have the phone meter, but haven't used it after reading others, but ill give it a shot.

    Also, I am well aware of the training methods, but unfortunately, I cannot tell where to cut, because my plants don't seem to be growing like all the examples on the net. For Example:


    Where would you think this plant would be cut at? 1,2,3, 4 or none of the above?

  6. No need to chop, just finger crush the stalk between three and four and watch what happens.
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  7. I would just tie back the top is fine.
    here's something for you, tried to start at the proper time.
  8. Thanks for sending that over, I appreciate it. I am familiar with LST and I intend to do exactly what hes talking about in this video, but I had also had my mind set on toping them twice first and then training, but I might have to simplify and just go only LST. I see so many people out there doing both and it seemed like the right thing for me as a first timer, because both are fairly simple processes. I didn't take into account that since Im using clones, the nodes are staggered, so with my limited wisdom, I am nervous about where exactly to cut. On a few of the plants, it seems like they already have two main stems.

    I would like to also know though around what temp and humidity these transplants should be at. Also curious if I should start up my circulation fan yet. Exhaust fan has been going since day 1, but to get them acclimated I have left the circulation fan off.
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  9. These r from clones? Usually seeds present parallel branches and trimming it would just be a waste of energy for that plant. Example; last summer I also had a plant with branches like yours, but I just kept tying back the main, into a circle over time, that was last summer
    you can see the string that is holding down the main.

    As far as humidity, clones, seedlings, veg plants all like high humidity. Think 70-80% is optimal for seedlings, 50-65 for veg, 55->40 for flower.
  10. Sweet, thanks man. Yea, these are store bought clones on Day 6 at home. No idea how old they were when I bought them. I asked the grower a ton of questions, but I forgot to ask that one, lol.
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