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just transplanted an looking sick

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by BluntedAllDay, Jul 7, 2004.

  1. I just transplanted 3 plants that are approx 2 weeks old 24 hours ago. I used any soil i had laying around because they needed transplantred fast, the cups they were in did not drain right an the plants were just sitting in water. The soil i ended up having to use was some miracle gro potting mixed an some regular potting mix that has a very very small amount of time release nutes in it. I went out to check on them this morning(24 hrs of transplant) and 2 of them are appear to be doing well, but the first set of leaves on these plants are starting to yelow and curl a little bit any help with this? The third plant is not doing well at all either, as well as the first set of leafs on this plant curling and turning a lil yellow, one of the leaves on the 2nd set appears to be bein eaten by a bug but there is no visual signs of pests. This leaf is now starting to brown at the end where it appeatrs to be eaten an no may be dying. Any help would be great.
  2. HIGH All, bummer to hear this man...but you need to go out and get some better soil for seedlings. If you can't maybe the best thing is to leaf them alone.
  3. Well is there anything i could buy like to spray on them to help control pests, if so could some one recomend something? And if any one else has any help at all it would b great as it is now into july an i really would not have any time to start a new grow if these die off now.
  4. HIGH All, well I can say it's not Aphids, Spider Mites, Whiteflies, Fungus Gnats these are pest that suck the plant's leaves and the lavae the roots .

    Here check this link out.
  5. Today when i went to check on them i have bigger problems. The one that had one leaf that was eaten now has marks on its other leaf. The other two plants that were good now are havign problems. The bigfgest one now has signs that its bein eaten buy bugs. With the other one i think i have a bigger problem than bugs, its first set of leafs it had after the little rounded ones is now gone, it has been eaten off. Will this kill it? When i looked at it close it appeared to have 3 different really really small growing tips now an its still green an not turnign brown at all. I am going to go to teh hardware store soont o buiy some kind of spray to control teh bugs if any one wouild have any suggestions that would be great.

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