Just topped my plants that where dieing a few weeks ago

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    just wondering if everything look good or what
    And if anybody know was up with the small plant she looks totally different and growing much slower
    Any advice would be awesome


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  2. dont you have FloraMicro? or Cal Mag?

    FloraMicro is from the 3 bottle formula of General Hydroponics "FloraGro", "FloraMicro" & "FloraBloom"

    it looks like N, K deficiencies and FloraMicro has that nutes...

  3. Purple stems are a big red flag for me. Cal mag should be in anybody's collection if they use distilled or RO.
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    You might just think their growing slow...
    That happens when you stand over them...
    They look fine...
    Maybe give them a nice EWC tea...
    <span style="font-size: 16px;">and keep on Vegging using LST</span>
    Hope your not giving them Bloom yet...
    Not til you switch 12/12
    Right now , you need more "N" than P&K


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