just took some PK's :)

Discussion in 'General' started by DankNugz420, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. just popped 3 5/500 vik's :D
  2. hell yeah man
  3. honestly thats really nothing at all. Take 4 7.5/750's and smoke a blunt and youll be good.
  4. yea just kiidng. i just took 4 more. so thats 7. i feeeel good now lol
  5. hhahaah lol thats kinda alot, my friend took too many and his headache medicine and pissed blood lol.
  6. well fuck., i feel good. lol w/e :p i dont care, its all good till i feel like shit. if that makes sence
  7. is your liver still alive? thats a shitload of acetaminophen. my general rule is no more than 2000mg at a time. looks like you took about 3500mg
  8. DONT DRINK, r else say bye bye to your liver.
  9. I almost caved on my shit and bought lorcet 10's the other night, Im glad I didnt. Have fun though man
  10. yea itd probably be a good idea to take it easy on your liver for a while just incase it didnt get along very well with all that APAP. glad your ok though. i saw one of your other posts
  11. for some reason viks are to weak for me.i just hardly feel the efects when i take them.
    i like perk ES's
  12. I would pop some methadone or special k. that shit will knock you on your dick.
  13. Slow down man. You've got 3500mg of Tylenol in you right now you can only take 500 more mg before you DIE.

    Be careful.

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