Just took some dex. Will I get messed up?

Discussion in 'General' started by BONGZILLA420, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. I took 6 triple c's. I know thats not much but I haven't donme it in months. I took them on a empty stomach too.
  2. Well you lose for taking them on an empty stomache.

    But you might not feel a whole lot. The recommonded dosage is 12. :(
  3. idk if u starting feeling something post it
  4. The one time I took 3C's (When I was 17) they didn't kick in for like 6 hours. I took them at 8 o'clock, went to bed at 10 becuase I didn't hae shit to do, and I woke up in the middle of the night. I cold and sweaty and had to piss. When I stepped out of my bed I stood up and as I started to walk my legs started wildly convulsing to where I could barely keep from falling down. I couldn't control them and I was a little scared.

    LoL, my mom would have freaked out if she was up in the middle of the night getting something to drink. I wouldn't have been able to stop and she would have bene looking at me like "WTF!??!"
  5. thats 180mgs od dxm.. youll fell a little bit
  6. Ok, you'll feeel a little little buzz. Next time you want to take DXM, dont use TRIPPLE C's.

    Use a medicine with DXM only. Take atleast 300-400MG's
  7. Coricidin is the worst choice. Its not even a true DXM experience. You should've went with Robotussin Cough-gels. And 180mg of DXM isn't really that much for a trip. If anything, you'll feel high. Next time, try and find the cough-gels and take like 40 capsules.
  8. ^ low doses do hit some people

    1st level is nice mixed with herb it's similar to a mix of mda vikes with the herb munchie/stoned feeling tossed in

    its like mdma meets a few drinks meets mary jane
  9. the sickness you'll prolly get from CCC isnt worth any high that you experiance, but Ive only Coriciden once
  10. Yeah, and you can't take as much Coricidin as you can anything else. You might reach close to 2nd plateau, but thats pushing it.
  11. i've taken triple c's 3 times. and 12 was the perfect amount for me. i took 10 the first time, and didn't really feel anything (however my girlfriend took 10 and tripped balls) she couldn't get out of her bed, but was hilarious to talk to the whole time. the second time i took 14 and i couldn't handle it. i just laid down and waited it out. and the third time i took 12 on a camping trip with a buddy and i reached a plateau i haven't reached to this day. we had 6 pieces with us, two bowls, two bubblers, and two chillums. we packed each piece before we started to feel it. so when the effects took hold, we had 6 pieces ready to go in case we were unable to pack. those six pieces went fast, and we packed one of the bubblers another 3 times.

    triple c's can be great if you know how to use them. when i took the 14 i was also on the camping trip, and my friend took them also. we both just laid staring at the top of the tent, and just helped each other get over the intensity.
  12. try gels

    10 15mg gels and a joint/blunt will have you soaring

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