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just took saliva drug test, was on heroin. am i F'ed?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by crackraider420, Apr 15, 2009.

  1. so ya i had just shot up a few times that morning, went in for a job interview and took a saliva test.

    i literally held it away from the inside of my mouth and didnt let it touch anything.

    is it going to test positive? am i screwed? anyone else fail these tests? i failed it for weed once because i had just smoked weed .....

    i donno guys i feel like i might be done. i read saliva ones are good for testing for opaites:confused:
  2. lol well what do YOU think? :confused:
  3. You're screwed.
  4. Damn, I didnt even know they tested for salvia. Sucks man.
  5. Saliva, man. Spit test.
    I thought the same thing, at first.
    I think I might be dyslexic.
  6. saliva(spit, jerk off lube, u know the shit ur mouth creates????) not salvia. nd yes ur screwed you couldnt even go half a week before with out doing anything??
  7. Lol. I read it as salvia too. Was like wtf?

    but yeah, good luck.
  8. #8 TomGreenThumb, Apr 15, 2009
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    Haha thanks, I missed that lol. I blame the hash!
    But even still, SALIVA tests?!?! I didnt know they did that either. I've been at the same job for a long time, and havent done the parole/probation thing in about 15 years, so I havent taken a drug test in a long time, and it was always a piss test for me. I have heard of hair tests.
    Damn fellas, i'm sure as shit glad I dont have to deal with that kinda shit lol.
  9. Ok wtf? Why would you shoot up before going to a job interview? I think a job right now is more important than "shooting up." Fuck, maybe you need help. I'm sorry, but this thread just pissed me off.
  10. What are you worried about? The job isn't that important to you if you decided to shoot up before the interview. Upstanding member of society right here.

    Saliva tests are the easiest to pass btw. Hope you failed and someone more deserving gets the job.:D

    Think a monkey learns faster than you...

    Save the excuses for someone who cares.

  11. HAH. you are so cool bro.

    anyways ya if you knew anything about saliva tests you would know they cant even test for weed unless you JUST smoked. like there is resin in your mouth...

    the heroin....who knows i just read that saliva ones are really good with opiattes and suck with weed. that was my point

    anyways i didnt know i had an interview until two hours before...by then i was at least an 8ball deep nodding hard.

    and yes its a big problem. i do need help, but its help i get by myself with myself. im currently doing my patented suboxone detox where i just slowly taper off a full sub over ten days. works like a charm but too late for that job

    haha and since i know the guy he was like ya you are hired i just wanna check you for drugs because legally i cant have someone doing drugs here.

    anyways i still dont know what happened but i really didnt let it touch my mouth at all. too many people tellin me im screwed soo ill assume i am until i magically get a call back.

    why are there so many haters, especially in this forum?

  12. haha first time i saw a saliva thread i thought salvia too and i said the exact same thing hahahaha thats so funny:smoking:
  13. I thought salvia too hahaha, but dude.. I think your fucked. :(

    That sucks man good luck,
  14. #14 MarijuanaBudha, Apr 15, 2009
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    If it is a SALIVA TEST and you held it away from the inside of my mouth and didn't let it touch anything then in theory unless somehow someway some of your spit got on that swab your in the clear man. A saliva test without saliva obviously tests negative for everything! I mean unless it can detect heroin on your breath like a breathalyzer :hello::D:)
    If you pass the drug test I think some rep is in order lol :cool:
  15. Oh, wow. Fail on display right here people.

  16. word man. finally someone seein it from my perspective. i didnt let it touch anything. so i think im cool :hello:

    thanks bro.
  17. ill let everyone know if i pass
  18. #18 s w i s h e r, Apr 15, 2009
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    just outta curiousity...how come in every thread you make you have to let everybody know you shoot dope? just wondering
  19. Dude. Are u fucking Retarded?!?!?!?! good luck man your going to need it! lol:wave:
  20. Unnecessary much? -rep.

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