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just took an 8th of shrooms (first time)

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by +AVA-182_Racer, Dec 8, 2008.

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    yoooooooo, just knocked down an 8th of shrooms for my first time...wanted the full effect and since from what i read the LD50 is your body weight in shroomies i figured hell why not....i have an experienced tripper with me as well just tokin on some cali funk to sit...anyone else tripped? what was it like? first time how much did you take??
  2. prepare to have a CRAZY fun time man.... my first time i ate an eighth and i tripped BALLS..... but im not really a shroom person, i <3 LSD, but i limit myself to 3 trips a year

    dont fall asleep tho... i had to go for a walk when i did it so i didnt pass out
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    yea bro....your trip will be straight madness, lol

    i took about 3.2grams the first time i tripped, they were of the psilopsybe cubensis variety, which are very strong.....hell far bro i tripped balls....

    i thought i was dead or trapped in a time portal....the clock was ticking backwards, and ozzy osborne came on a country station which tripped me out
  4. hahaha ya'll are cool maan i thought was gonna get blasted for taking so much the first time....im startin to feel a lil bit...this is weeeeeeeeiiiirrrddd
  5. yea man, drink some orange juice..... if your stomach doesnt hurt take a few shots (i had 3 shots of vodka my first trip)......

    make sure to update man, but NEVER let the typing get in the way of your tripping fun if you got better shit to do then do that hahaha

  6. yea your goin to feel a body buzz at first....aswell as being a little stoned....then all of a sudden out of nowhere youll see a little flash of light from something or a design on the couch will move a bit.....there you are on the hindges of having the trip of your life
  7. well right now is pretty cool....i wouldn't pay 35 an 8th if this is all it does tho....its only been 45 minutes since i took them...i wanna see shit!....lol
  8. "i wanna see shit" that's my exact words when i bought em from my dude....and i also took an 8th, give another 30 mins, youll see somethin
  9. haha hell yeah i look forward to it....and a big hell yeah on lou dog dude...sublime fuckin rocks...anyway jus to let everyone kno...i ate the shroomies with peanut butter..tried one by itself and it didnt taste too nice.....
  10. You're gonna have the time of your life. Definitely go outside and walk around it's crazy.
  11. In my experience even when I eat half an 8th of boomers after 45 mins to an hour I can already get very nice visuals.......and a whole 8th I am in a completely diff world. Of course the shrooms I get were amazingly cultivated and are great.
  12. so its 12....im not seein shit or nothin...lol still waitin for the peak...
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    it usually takes like an hour and a half to fully kick in, sometimes even 2 hours.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hurn3-Y2b1g"]YouTube - Pink Floyd - Echoes (part 1)[/ame]

    listen to that and zone out, you'll probably notice visuals more with a bowl of weed and trippy music
  14. hell yea man.....if you like old school then pink floyd is the shit.....but, i would suggest listening to CHEMICAL BROTHERS aswell......the pulsating techno shit is crazy while trippin.....thats about the only time i listen to that shit......and they have the salmon song too
    btw, im bout to go get my salmon on....my female salmon is awaiting for the upstream journey :ey:
  15. Let the trip come to you! If you're trying really hard to see stuff, you won't see stuff as easily -- at least, that's the way it works with me. Definitely get outside if you can. Nature's beauty increases 100-fold on shrooms!
  16. pff, i know all about the chemical brothers my friend.. i've been listening to them for years.

  17. exactly
  18. he hasent responded for a while, im guessing hes on his journey.

  19. lol.....yep, he probably just now saw a little pattern twirl on his couch....i was like wooooooooow, and is just sitting there dazed:eek:
  20. lol definantly, he ate alot for his first time too.. hes probably like wtf is goin on.

    i hope hes watching the floyd

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