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Just took a UA with Quick Fix, came back positive for...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by sgt dank budz, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. cocaine! How is this even possible? They assured me that the samples could not have been switched. If they re-test it it will come from the original sample. The company I am applying for won't pay to have me take another UA. The brand of fake wizz was called Quick Fix unisex synthetic. I have used this exact same product twice for two other UAs with no problems. How the heck..:(
  2. ...damn you got shafted...sorry
  3. File a complaint and threaten legal issues if they don't compensate you for lost pay. Easy as that.
  4. I seriously just experienced the exact same!!! I've used quick fix numerous times without any problems, but I took a test for a new job last week and the results came back positive for cocaine!!! They sent it to another lab and it came back positive AGAIN!! I demanded it be sent to another lab; I'm still waiting on those results. How could this be possible??? I'm interested in hearing how your situation turned out for you??? Thx!
  5. Dam that sucks man, hope it all works out

    Sorry just wondering, what's "UA" and "Quick Fix" ?

    i assume "Quick Fix" is something that helps get rid of marijuana traces for when you have to take a drug test

    oh- its fake pee
  6. some dude at the quick fix factory probably had to ditch his nose candy stash. and the closest thing was a vat of artificial urine :cool:
  7. damn i used quick fix for a AODA UA and the chick running it tried to get me to take another and i asked her why, no answer, argued with her for a while then asked for her supervisors number and the bitch hung up on me. couple of weeks later got a letter saying i passed :hello: shes getting fired while i smoke more n more:smoke:
  8. I am assuming you do not partake in coke? So the fact that it showed up on a DT is fucking with you? That blows man.
  9. ive used quickfix only two times, the first time it worked, the second time it turned like a neon green and the guy at the place knew what it was, and kicked me out
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    An UA is an urine analysis and quick fix is synthetic urine. Since I didn't even use my own urine, yes it's really messn with me that the synthetic urine cam back positive for cocaine!:confused:
  11. I failed my drug test last week using quick fix as well. Not for cocaine though, they said there was no gravity or creatine in it.
  12. wow lol. you shouldve just left it then, cocaine in your system would look way worse than weed
  13. that is really really unfortunate...you try to cover up traces of weed and what happens? cocaine. Ouch! that blows man, i hope it all gets worked out
  14. don't think it really matters in this case it was for employment. Failing is failing is not getting the job. If he quick fixed for his parents or something it would blow beyond all balls.

    It would be like, "no no no mom I only smoke weed, please believe me" situation would flip all of those years of denying it on its ass. sucks either way though man that is some straight bullshit.

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