just took a nice bong rip of hash ;D

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by iBlaze_All_Dayy, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. hello blades, been stalking the forum for a while and honestly was not 18 at the time i registered, I just came of age in the last month and decided it was time for me to be a part of the city and contribute to the indoor/microgrowing sections. Looking forward to seeing how you guys critique my setup! welll this hash is kickin my ass and i forgot what i was gonna say so yeah, later dudes! :smoke:
  2. Now that we know you once were underage (In direct violation of forum code) your reputation is forever tarnished. Have a nice day. :D
  3. blaze,blaze,and blaze some more bro.Looks like it's going to be nice,having your here man.Enjoy
  4. oh well I suppose you'll get over it :p
    anyone know how to post videos?
    i tried using a html link but it woulndt work
  5. If it's just youtube all you have to do is post the url.

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