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just toked up on a 2g cross joint :]

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by heyitsmeallen, Mar 9, 2009.

  1. i know ya like pics so here it is ;]
    im ripped :smoking:

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  2. Not bad at all man just rolled my first one not too long ago. Surprisingly easy to roll compared to its "mythical" status people seem to be giving it. And it smoked well too which was a bit of a surprise for me.
  3. yeah they smoke awesome!
    im thinking of trying a double cross joint.
    with 2 horizontal joints and one fat vertical
  4. Haha that sounds interesting i might have to give it a try. YOu thinking about putting the 2 joints going through the larger one close together?
  5. well one about the same place i have mine and another about half way down.

    you could either light all at once or light the first small one and smoke it until the small one is gone then light the other one. that way its like a cross joint the whole time instead of smoking a fat joint at the end.
  6. Yeah i would suggest the second method, lighting the second one when the first is done, just from this one personal experience. My friend tried to roll a cross joint and did it where the joint going through the larger one was closer to the inhaling side. If you can picture the joint in the same position just on the other end. Well when he lit it up it didnt pull very well at all for some reason. Im not sure if it was just his rolling or the fact that the joint was further from the end.
  7. Two nights ago I rolled a cross joint (2.2 g) of blueberry and then feel asleep. I woke up and it was sitting on my night tabel. I was so pumped. I spread some oil on it and got high as shit and then eat some blueberry pancakes.
  8. if he rolled it tight that would be the reason. but i like my idea of making 2 small ones
  9. I like rolling a cross joint if I have a bit more in my smoke sack than usual. If you like cross joints try rolling a braided joint. I've only used 3 joints but ive seen up to 5 braided together. I don't know of any guides for this style though, a search should be easy enough.
  10. #10 heyitsmeallen, Mar 9, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 9, 2009
    i cant find that anywhere =/

    edit: found it :] its the astral weaver joint

  11. Yeah man, that's the shit. Highly recommend it.

    How'd the cross joint smoke? Haven't tried it yet. (lazy :smoke: )
  12. smoked great dude!
    i was ripped for a while :hello:

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