Just to the CPT(College Placement Test)

Discussion in 'General' started by bigred420, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. scored just low enough to not be able to take all college classes my first year, high 70's.

    It seems I'm always just subpar from doing spectacular, funny thing is, I'm a bad test taker.
  2. i feel you on the "subpar from doing spectacular" i feel like i fall into the "average" category of everything i do. but i believe everyone is anatomically/naturally the best at something, sometimes you just have to discover what it is. whether it be being the best at rolling joints or being the best football player, everyone is better than everyone else at something, sometimes its something you dont know or something that doesnt even exist yet. does that make any sense? just keep trying new things, putting yourself out there. youll find that youre better than everyone out there at something.
  3. I've never heard of a College Placement Test, I never had to take one before I went to school. :confused:
  4. I'm usually spectacular at math, but I opted my senior year to not take a math class, and I've gotten rust on some of it. Fuck it, I'll just take three prep college classes and be straight.
  5. You sure?

    When I went to orientation, they put aside a few hours where you had to take tests. They want to find out if you can write, do math, etc. That way they know where to place you.

    I don't need to mention that my test results started me off in an advanced writing class, but I just did
  6. Uhm, one thing I have come to appreciate about the U.S. is it's opportunity, something that Universities don't lack.

    Last year I had to take placement tests.. The night before I rolled on 2 quad stacks and was SO beat, went in an hour and a half late, took the math exam and placed highest lol, but yeah I'm going for a Physics major. Anyway, I took the English Writing, and even though I thought my essay was ballin, I ended up placing in the no credit easy ass class that taught you how to write again.. After a week of just pwning, the teacher told me I could retake the Placement test if I believe I can place higher, which she did too.. I took it and placed in the classes I needed both for math and english.

    Long story short, just see if you can retake it. I doubt they won't let ya do it, you can just say you had an off day. I'd advise you to practice a little bit..
  7. Man I passed 3 out of 4 sections first try, but that fucking algebra always brakes my balls :(
  8. Actually, I just took the CPT this morning. Let me denounce the fact first, that I fucking hate math and it's entire entity.

    I got 66 on the Algebra and 88 on the arithmatic.

    On the other hand, I got 112 on the reading comprehension, and 124 on sentence structure.
  9. Are you sure that was the CPT bro, the scoring ends at 120.

    Anyways, I am probly just going to take the prep classes then get on my way, I'm going to a J.C. first anyways so it's not like the 4 year universities look down on taking college prep classes.
  10. Aww... Bigred I'm actually slightly disappointed in you...

    It's great that your going to college but by the way you post I figured you'd have this shit on lock.... on the other hand you said you were a bad test taker which might be the reason(I know tons of smart ass mofos who can't take tests).

    I just don't understand doing bad on tests though, but then again I've always been a good tester. The sad part of that is, it stops me from learning somewhat, I went through most of my school life with failing grades passing on tests. Not to say I didn't learn anything, but why learn the whole things when you can figure out the answer from 1/4th of the knowledge...

    Either way, I hope you do better in the future since I feel you are capable of better ^_^b
  11. wtf is a CPT? what happened to the SAT and ACTs?
  12. A CPT is for people who didn't take those tests if I remember correctly... but I might be wrong... <_<
  13. CPT is just an alternative to the ACT at the college that I am now enrolled in.

    To mike, I have always have had problems with taking test since I was little and this has less to do with my academic prowess and more to do as one of my counsellors said, "It has less to do with how smart you are...you tend to have an objective personality". I tend to rethink my awnsers on tests, knowing that my first awnser was right but instead changing it because there is a little voice in the back of my head telling me to challenge the idea.

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